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Frictions and institutions
Investment Management: Intermediate Level
Managerial Economics
Crypto Compliance
The Overlapping Generations Model and the Pension
Break-Even Analysis
Blockchain Basics
Transitional China in the 21st Century
Modern Microeconomics
Handbook of Inspiration Economy
Globalization & the Nordic Success Model: Part I
Microeconomic Theory and Contemporary Issues
Costs in Economics
Money Creation: Advanced Readings
Globalization & the Nordic Success Model: Part II
Trade in Climate Smart Goods
Corporate Valuation and Takeover: Exercises
Practical Guide To Contemporary Economics
Central Banking & Monetary Policy: An Introduction
Working Capital and Debtor Management: Exercises
Equity Market: An Introduction
Strategic Financial Management
Essentials of Microeconomics: Exercises
Working Capital and Strategic Debtor Management
Money and Monetary Policy in an Open Economy
Business & Industry
Interest Rates: An Introduction
Trading and Investment in the Stock Market
The Neoclassical Growth Model
Investment Management: Intermediate Level
Advanced Macroeconomics
Influential Corporations
Genesis of Research on Motivational Salience
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses
Money Creation: An Introduction
Banking: An Introduction
Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
Essentials of Macroeconomics
The Basics of Business Management – Vol I
Essentials of Microeconomics
Les stratégies relationnelles dans l’assurance
The Basics of Business Management – Vol II
Euro Area Macroeconomics
Global Financial Markets: Volatility and Reforms
Learn Calculus 2 on Your Mobile Device
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses: Exercises
Accession to the WTO: Part I
Generations Model and the Pension System
The World of Modigliani and Miller
Euro Area Economics – Exercises
Investments: An Introduction
Bond Market: An Introduction
Fisheries and aquaculture economics
Life-Cycle Costing
Innovation and Small Business - Volume 1
Innovation and Small Business - Volume 2
The Stochastic Growth Model
Dynamic Costing
Political Economic Realities of Today’s Capitalism
Corporate Valuation and Takeover
Accession to the WTO: Part II
Strategic Financial Management: Exercises
Money Market: An Introduction
Foreign Exchange Market: An Introduction
Financial System: An Introduction
Cities in the Global Economy
Introduction to Complex Numbers
Simplified Principles of Microeconomics
Economics of Globalization
Derivative Markets: An Introduction
Business Cycles and Financial Crises
Partial Differential Equations