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Since 2001 we have delivered training in over 23 different countries to over 7,500 organisations in hundreds of different industries and have helped to develop over 200,000 staff.

Face to face, blended or online – we provide a wide range of management, leadership development and sales effectiveness programmes that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining or refining their skills.

We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office – and that’s exactly what we provide.

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Performance Reviews Made Easy
Mastering the Art of Face to Face Customer Service
Personal Confidence & Motivation
Emotional Intelligence: Definition and Guide
Tandem Leaders: Benefits and Differences
The 5S Method: Transforming Workspaces
Successful Selling in a Virtual World
Running Effective Meetings
Finance for non-financial managers
Dealing with Conflict and Complaints
Managing Budgets
Personal Development Skills
Embracing BANI over VUCA for Resilience and Growth
Presenting an Effective Message
Commercial Awareness for Managers
Negotiating Sales
Sales Presentation Techniques
Effective Communication Skills
Managing Projects
Managing Stress
Successful Time Management
Basic Selling Skills
Coaching and Mentoring
Managing Your Career
Leading Virtual Teams
Influencing and Persuasion skills
Micro Talk: Introduction to Appraisals
Running Effective Appraisals
The Power of Knowledge Transfer
Performance Management
How to Handle Difficult Conversations
Leadership Skills
Managing through Change
Motivation Skills
Handling Objections in Sales
Effective Marketing
Embracing Diversity, Equality and Equity at Work
Advanced Communication Skills
Successful Prospecting in Sales
Thinking Strategically
Effektiv kommunikation
Högre effektivitet med prestationsbedömningar
إدارة الوقت الناجحة
المهارات المتقدمة في التواصل
Effektiv tidsplanering
Självförtroende och motivation
Coaching og mentorskap
Effektive kommunikasjonsferdigheter
Эмоциональный интеллект
Уверенность в себе и мотивация
Prezentování efektivní zprávy
Řízení změny
Motivační dovednosti
Řízení projektů
Emocionální Inteligence
Zvládání stresu
Strategické myšlení
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