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Assemble You is an audio first provider. Our podcast-style courses are designed to be listened to on the go.

Each Assemble You course includes a 10-minute evidence-based, engaging audio track recorded with a professional voice actor.

We teach you to improve your Power Skills. Things like Leadership, Productivity, Wellbeing, Project Management, Communication, Intrapreneurship, and Strategy.

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Was ist Change-Management?
Evita el agotamiento
Innova y sé un intraemprendedor
Mach das Beste aus Deiner To-do-Liste
Burnout vermeiden
So managen Sie Ihre Zeit
Einführung in agile Methoden
Scrum - Die Grundlagen
Agile - Lo básico
Einführung in das Projektmanagement
Optimiere Deine Meeting-Produktivität
Stakeholder-Management und Kommunikation
Das Hochstapler-Syndrom
Die Kunst der Resilienz
Gestiona la procrastinación y dirige tu día
Sácale partido a tu lista de tareas pendientes
Optimiza la productividad de tus reuniones
Einführung in das Stakeholder-Management
Ambitioniertes Denken
Sei innovativ und werde Intrapreneur
Meistere Prokrastination und beherrsche Deinen Tag
Wie man wirklich zuhört
How to Build Rapport
When to Protect Your Team
How to Build Confidence and Become More Assertive
High Performance Team Culture
Avoid Bias and Discrimination when using AI
Why Diverse Businesses are Winning
Introduction to Social Engineering
Moving from Manager to Leader
Future Human: Collaboration
Finding Your Direction
The Power of Saying No
The Impact of Habits
Innovate and be an Intrapreneur
Globalisation and Sustainability
The Power of Curiosity
How to Successfully Motivate Your Team
How to be Liked
Introduction to Malware
Banter and Bullying
An Introduction to Agile
Asking for Help
Employee Resource Groups
Initiative: The Biggest Win
Concise Writing
Resilience in Customer Service
Cultural Awareness
Optimisez la productivité de vos réunions
Introduction à la gestion de projet
Understanding Pronouns – DEI
Introduction to Sexual Harassment
Pareto Principle
Make Time for You
Encouraging Teamwork as a Project Manager
How to be an Effective Interviewer
Effective Hybrid Working: Working From Home
Using AI to Improve Your Communication
What is Change Management?
Scrum: The Basics
Speaking with Authority
Confidence at Work
Avoiding Burnout
Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
The Importance of Prioritising Employee Well-Being
Exercise Your Way to Greater Productivity
Leading With Empathy
Make Remote Working Work For You
Introduction to Sexism in the Workplace
Dealing with Self-Doubt in Customer Service
Environmental Social and Governance
Enhance Your Productivity with AI­
How to Develop a High Performing Team Culture
Motivating Your team
How to Be Proactive
Micro Stories and Presentations
Stop Stagnating and Make the Change
How to Build a Story
Maintaining your belief
Be More Confident
Performance Management
Business Case for Sustainability
Harnessing Ambition
Ambitious Mindset
Managing Conflict in Your Team
Essential Writing Skills for Business
Why Workplace Sustainability Matters
Sleep: Your Productivity Superpower
Introduction to Stakeholder Management
Building Your Confidence in Sales
Mastering the Sales Mindset
How to Get The Best Out of Introverts & Extroverts
The Essentials of Face-to-Face Customer Service
Starting the Day the Right Way
Building an Innovation Business Case
Journalling: Your Secret to Personal Development
Critical Thinking Explained
Introduction to Ageism: Older People
What is Intrapreneurship?
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
How to Build Your Personal Brand
Introduction to Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Influence and Impact
Inspirational Leadership
Understanding Corporate Sustainability
Inclusive Leadership
Moving Towards Energy Sufficiency
Future Human: Innovation
Agile Leadership
Defusing an Argument
Optimize Your Meeting Productivity
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
An Introduction to Project Management
Essential Email Etiquette
Storytelling in Business
Negotiation in Customer Service
¿Qué es la gestión del cambio?
El arte de la resiliencia
Síndrome del Impostor
Cómo ser un mejor oyente
Using AI to Improve Your Well-Being
Future Human: Curiosity
Diet and Gut Health for Productivity
The Meaning of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
How to Build Sales Confidence
Running Your First Project
Done is Better than Perfect
Unconscious and Implicit Bias and Microaggressions
Transformational Leadership
The Power of No
Communication and Collaboration
The Power of Positive Thinking
Identifying and Helping Others Who Need It
Introduction to Social Sustainability
Cultural Nuances
Office Etiquette Explained
Common Types of Attack
A Guide to Business Professionalism
Leadership: How to Negotiate
Plain English
Future Human: Flexibility
Barriers to Sustainable Living
Future Human: Critical Thinking
How to Guide Your Team Through Change
Manage Procrastination, and Boss Your Day
How to Deal With Change to Your Job
Conversations About Sustainability
How to Really Listen
Overview of PRINCE2
Spotting Talent in Your Team
Reinvigorating Disengaged Staff
Sustainability in Everyday Life
Exit Interviews
Making Body Language Your Greatest Ally
Introduction to Disability in the Workplace
How to Motivate Your Customer Service Team
Qu’est-ce que la gestion du changement ?
Innover et devenez un Intrapreneur
Boostez votre To Do liste
Stakeholder Management for Innovation Projects
Introduction to Pronoun Awareness
Introduction to LGBTQ+ Awareness
Meditation Basics
How to Initiate Change
Future Human: Creativity
Courageous Leadership
Leadership: How to Network
Effective Stakeholder Management and Communication
An Introduction to Psychological Safety
Introduction to PMI/PMP
Problem Solving: The Basics
Future Human: Empathy
The Art of Resilience
Introduction to Anti-Racism in the Workplace
Future Human: Time Management
Handling Customer Objections
Body Language in Customer Service
Future Human: Resilience
Introduction to LGBTQ+ Awareness: Gender
Future Human: Initiative and Resourcefulness
Systems for Working Faster
Importance of Purpose
Coaching and Mentoring
How to Build Trust at Work
How to Deal With Difficult Customers
Managing Work Anxiety
How To Connect With Your Audience
Introduction to Microaggressions: LGBTQ+
Effective Sustainability Communications
How to be a Better Listener
Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals
Leadership - Protecting Your Team
Troubleshooting Issues on Your Project
Impostor Syndrome
Using and Managing Passwords
How to Manage Your Personal Finances
The Value of Timeboxing
Keeping Your Energy High
How to Manage Your Time
Power Up Your To-Do List
Agile - Les principes de base
Comment vraiment écouter
Le syndrome de l’imposteur
L’art de la résilience
Comment éviter le burn-out
Gérez la procrastination
Agile – Nozioni di base
Favorire il Teamwork: Ruolo di Project Manager
Identificare e aiutare chi ne ha bisogno
Gestione e comunicazione con stakeholder
Introduzione al Project Management
Avere una mentalità ambiziosa
Come affrontare i cambiamenti nel tuo lavoro
Introduzione alla sicurezza psicologica
Come gestire il tuo tempo
Come essere un ascoltatore migliore
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