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Starting the Day the Right Way

7m 56s
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Make a few small changes to your morning routine to get your day off to a better start.
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What does your morning look like? Do you hit the snooze button on your alarm several times before finally dragging yourself out of bed? Do you rush around, trying not to be late? Are you guzzling coffee, trying to stay awake? Or do you feel stressed out and anxious before your day even begins?

Mornings are difficult and can be hectic as we try to get the kids ready for school, review a work presentation, answer the litany of emails that keep pinging our phones, and deal with any number of other disturbances. But there’s a better way. Even if you have a busy day ahead of you and are pressed for time, making just a few small changes to your morning routine will get your day off to a better start.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the influence bad morning habits can have on the rest of your day
  • Learn actionable techniques to make the most of your morning

Aimed At:

  • Anyone who sees themselves as a night owl, struggles to get up in the morning, or simply wants to start the day more effectively.
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