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Interviewers, beware! Keep away from these interview mistakes!

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Did you have an interview and got rejected? Then this might be an interesting fact for you: often it is the interviewer himself who is to blame for a failed interview. On our blog you can find several traps an interviewer can fall into….

What you need to know about job satisfaction

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Are you not fully satisfied with your job? Do you want to know why? Our recent blog post about job satisfaction might help you realize what you are missing in your job. Take a look! …

Be sure to apply for a job that suits you

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Why should you read a job ad carefully and critically? Because this reduces the likelihood that you will waste time and effort applying for jobs which are unsuitable to you. You want a job that suits you, right?! On our blog you can learn how to get the most out of reading a job ad effectively. …

Good vs. bad bosses: What employees really want

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No manager was born in his/her role as a leading character in a company. Many of them started as employees with fewer responsibilities. Therefore it is important for them to remember where they started and what they expected from their own managers. But what exactly do employees want?…

How to recruit the right person for the job

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People are vital to the success of any organization. It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices result in high labor turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. On our blog you can take a look at how to avoid this bad outcome by recruiting the right people in the first place….

How to answer interview questions

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Most interviewers like to hit you with the question: “What is your greatest strength? That is why identifying your strengths before a job interview can be far more demanding, yet rewarding, than may initially seem to be the case. On our blog you can learn how to highlight past successes. Good luck!…

Generational challenge at work: Part II

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Creating a positive workplace environment includes an understanding of the different generations, their influence on the workplace and a respect for their contributions. In the second part of our generational challenge blog post you can find some tips on how to master these generational difficulties….

Generational challenge at work: Part I

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Every generation has felt that they were different in some way from their parents’ generation. These generational differences however can create negative outcomes including confusion, resentment, anger and turnover in the workplace. On our blog you can find some specific suggestions which should be considered when trying to create a positive workplace environment….