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Job Search: Tips for Graduates Looking for Employment

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Find helpful tips to prepare your application in order to land the job you are looking for.

Find helpful tips to prepare your application in order to land the job you are looking for.
Find helpful tips to prepare your application in order to land the job you are looking for.

Job searching is one of the usual goals after graduation. It may seem so simple and easy, but as you go along, it can also be stressful. Not everyone gets the job they applied for instantly. Most of the time, this is the problem of fresh graduates. At first, they’re so eager that they will do anything to get a job, but once they failed on their first application, they tend to lose hope and become less aggressive.

This shouldn’t be the case. Here are some tips for a successful job search. 


Presenting your Curriculum Vitae

Your CV needs to be professional. How? Follow the steps written below:

  • If the CV is accompanied by several documents, head the page ‘CURRICULUM VITAE’. This will help the reader find essential information quickly.
  • Reproduce perfect copies when photocopying your CV.
  • Longer CVs take longer time to read. Prepare yours on a sheet of paper. If not possible, produce one-page executive summary.
  • Use black ink.
  • Separate vocational from academic qualifications.
  • Be consistent in presenting the information on your CV (chronological or reverse-chronological).


Contents of your CV

Your CV serves as your “shop window”. This is a concise statement of your personal details, education, experience and achievements. Here’s a checklist of the main items on a CV:

  • Personal details and contact information
  • Educational details and qualifications
  • Experiences (including part-time and vacation work)
  • Achievements
  • Interests


Criteria of a good CV

  • Complete
  • Quick and easy to absorb information
  • Professional
  • Reader-friendly
  • Fit for purpose

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Refining your CV

Here are some suggestions on improving your CV:

  • Ask someone to read and give feedback on your CV.
  • Check for redundant information.
  • Minimize old information. Retain only if it is very relevant to the job you are applying.
  • Emphasize and justify your willingness to learn and adapt to situations that involve personal and professional development.
  • Always triple check your CV.


Completing an application form

Here are some tips in making your application form:

  • Proofread your document.
  • Always read the instructions and labels carefully.
  • Make use of the job specifications and identify key requirements.
  • Truthfully use their words (job descriptions) in describing yourself.
  • You may sell yourself, but never say anything you don’t mean or cannot justify.

Your CV and application form says a lot on landing on your preferred job. Proper planning and constant updating is needed to make it stand out.

Learn more by reading Graduate Employment by Greener, Bourner and Rospigliosi.


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