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What training budgets will look like in 2020

Training Budget

Bookboon Learning’s brand-new research indicates that more than half of organisations plan to increase their investment in L&D resources in 2020. This is big news for the L&D industry because it indicates an increased recognition of the importance of quality corporate learning. We spoke to over 300 L&D and HR professionals to investigate how their organisations plan to spend their newly increased training budgets in 2020. This is what they told us.  

Closing the soft skills gap 

With 75% of organisations reporting a gap in soft skills, companies are looking for more training materials about skills such as communication, leadership and organisation. And the organisations choosing to invest in an effective learning solution focused on these skills, are already experiencing a ROI. A whopping 70% of companies with a learning solution in place that focuses on soft skills and personal development report little to no soft skills gap.  

Digital learning 

As digital learning becomes increasingly popular, over two in five companies will prioritise eLearning in their L&D budget over any other training method this year. Bookboon Learning asked L&D professionals what they consider important when investing in a digital learning platform. They told us that ease-of-use, high usage rates, quality learning content, and a large variety of content are the deciding factors when choosing am eLearning platform.  

Improving onboarding  

It can be said that employees’ onboarding can make or break their opportunities for success within their role. So, it is no wonder that companies plan to spend a portion of their training budget on improving their onboarding process. Because more organisations are investing in digital training, 25% of onboarding has been taken over by eLearning.  

Blended learning  

One in four L&D professionals plan to add blended learning to their organisation’s training and development budget. This year, many organisations will invest in a learning platform that offers training materials in multiple formats such as audio and eBooks to take over or compliment classroom-based learning.  

Mobile learning solutions   

According to our research, 35% of learning takes place outside of working hours. This is why L&D professionals believe 41% of an organisation’s training and development budget should go towards catering for a user-friendly mobile learning experience. This year, organisations will invest in more downloadable, mobile-friendly content than ever before.  

These newly increased L&D budgets come from a renewed recognition of just how much of an asset quality training can be to a company. As more and more companies make the choice to increase their investment in learning resources, the need for easy-to-use, cost-effective, flexible and mobile digital learning solutions will grow.  

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ELearning: L&D’s Silver Bullet

Learn more about how organisations ranging from 500 – over 2, 000 employees are spending their L&D budgets this year in our brand-new report, ELearning: L&D’s Silver Bullet.

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