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Tag: body language

Positive Body Language Can Help Your Career

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Successful careers are not only based on your CV. It also takes body language to impress an employer. Develop your skills thanks to this blog post….

Public speaking – From body language to the power of pause

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Is there an important speech coming up? Are you looking for new input on how to compose and present a great speech? Then read our blog post about storytelling, body language, tone of voice and the power of pause. …

Become a master at reading non-verbal signals

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When people want to develop a good working relationship, they unconsciously match the non-verbal behaviour and in particular the body language of the other person. What would happen, if you would do this consciously? You would be able to build long lasting business relationships. On our blog you can learn how to become a master in reading non-verbal signals. …

The importance of small talk

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emotional intelligence

Small talk is more important than you might think. We award it a low status, but make use of it every day. It is the foundation of many people’s everyday welfare, both in private life and in their careers. Grab the opportunity to learn more about how to use small talk in order to extend your networks….

Essential Communication Secrets

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“You cannot not communicate”. This axiom by Paul Watzlawick proves once more how important communication skills are. Our authors can help you figure out which are the right words to use, the right way to dress or which body language is appropriate….