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Strategy Around Networking

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Most of us let chance decide what our networks should be like. It means that we establish the contacts we run across by chance. In short, we lose control of our goals and effort. When we are not focused, we tend to establish lots of accidental contacts that are not very close and hence not constructive. 


Two important things about networking

It takes time to build good relationships and you have to cultivate your important contacts. Here you can read why you also should share your contacts.

With too many contacts in your network, your guilty conscience is bound to come up – and that is not very nice. You will be running out of steam very soon because the time you spend on networking sessions, follow-ups and taking care of relationships exceeds your possibilities, and consequently, your network will become inefficient.


What should we do?

Recent research shows that we cannot handle the great number of contacts we establish. Actually, that is even a loss, as an extensive network has a paralyzing effect, which is why we have to prune it.

First of all, we now know that most people can handle a maximum of 100-230 contacts. In return, networks this size can establish deep and close relationships, which, according to experts, will give you far better quality.

Secondly, we should not let chance decide our networking. Therefore, create a vision for your network! Find out what you want to use your network for and how it can help you.


By creating a vision, your work will be focused

You will know what to go for and you can more easily sort out what you do not need. Your wish for networking will grow because the strategy works, and your results – be it job opportunities, promotions or establishing businesses – will begin to show.

Moreover, you will see that smaller efforts can result in greater output. Life as a conscious cognitive networker is fantastic when you see your goals being achieved.


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About the author: Simone Andersen is a journalist and has a Master’s degree in media science. She worked for many years at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation as an editor and talk show host. She is an expert in business networking and building relations and gives talks on these subjects all over the world.


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