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Author Archives: Laura Lozza

Why Focusing on Conflict “Resolution” Hinders Innovation

Most conflict management theories and training courses are focused on resolving rather than actually managing conflicts.  The focus on “resolution” contains a dangerous assumption: that disagreements and conflicts are “a problem”. Most of the times, this assumption is incorrect: disagreements are excellent opportunities to collectively learn and innovate. Yet, it is not easy to acquire the skills necessary to transform disagreements and conflicts in learning dialogues and positive change.  (more…)

3 Reasons Why Most Leaders Goof Up When Dealing With Conflicts

All conflicts originate from a difference of opinions. A different opinion needs not be a provocation, or become a conflict, yet we often feel personally attacked and tend to react in one of three classical ways: we find faults in the other opinion, we display a defensive/aggressive behavior or we insist on explaining our logic. In all three cases, we let our pre-conscious biases hijack our behavior. Not surprisingly, this seldom produces constructive outcomes, and a simple disagreement easily escalates into an unproductive conflict. But there is an alternative: we can learn to transform disagreements and conflicts in open dialogue, mutual learning and positive change.  (more…)