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7 tips on how to prepare for examinations

These exam tips are provided by Global educator Dr Chris Tisdell, the author of “Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook”.

Do exams make you nervous?  Are you worried about failing or under-performing?  It doesn’t need to be this way.

As an aspiring global educator, students from all around the world regularly ask me about what I believe are the most effective study habits. The following 7 tips have been designed for you to SUCCEED when studying for examinations. (more…)

How to communicate mathematics in 6 easy steps

This article is written by the author of the free eBook This article is written by the author of the free eBook “Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook”

Does speaking about mathematical ideas leave your audience bored?  Does writing the mathematical parts of an assignment or report give you a headache or writer’s block?  It doesn’t need to be this way.

Students and professionals from many disciplines are expected to periodically write and speak about concepts that contain mathematical ideas.  The following 6 tips have been designed to boost your mathematical communication skills. (more…)

5 tips to understand mathematics by Dr Chris Tisdell

This article is written by the author of the free eBook “Engineering Mathematics”

Do you find mathematics difficult, disengaging or even stressful? You are not alone! Students from around the world recently identified mathematics as their “most-hated” subject in reaction to a Facebook post by publisher In addition, researchers at the University of Chicago have recently shown that even the anticipation of mathematical work activates pain centres within the brain.

Mathematics, however, is an essential, exciting and very beautiful part of our world. It enables cutting-edge advancements within a wide array of important fields, such as engineering, science, business, and technology.

Given that many students encounter some mathematics during their studies, the following 5 tips have been created to help you form a better understanding of mathematics. (more…)