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Want to Increase Your Personal Productivity?


Then: Look out the window

Normally when you think of working environment in the context of personal productivity, you immediately envision an organized office layout, ergonomically positioned chairs, desks and computers, private offices or efficiently designed cubicles and meeting areas, and perhaps even a soothing soft green color scheme, sound-absorbing walls and perfume-free air at an ideal temperature circulating throughout.  (more…)

Securing Hiring Manager Buy-in: 5 Steps to Successful Recruiting in Today’s Labor Market

Since you’re in the trenches of daily recruiting, you know that we can no longer “post and pray.” With the tight labor market, you’re spending more time sourcing to identify viable passive candidates. Once you find those candidates, you need to move them through the selection process quickly before they are snatched up by competitors. Meanwhile, your hiring managers want to compare several candidates before making a decision. How can you help them understand and react to the reality of today’s labor market?  (more…)

Personal Performance: Are Distractions Depleting Your Energy?

Our brains do not have an unlimited amount of energy to process information and make decisions throughout the day. Nor can our bodies absorb the ever-increasing demands of 24/7 connectivity, multitasking and increasing workloads, without a concomitant reduction in efficiency and compromised health and well-being. But by managing your energy – from its creation to its use – you are able to increase your efficiency and personal performance, more easily achieve your goals, and still, have ample energy remaining for an active and fulfilling lifestyle. (more…)

Cryogenic Engineering: Software Solutions – Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

“Cryogenics” refers to temperatures below -150℃. Air and other “permanent gases” liquefy or solidify at these temperatures. Applications of cryogenics are in diverse fields: space exploration, high energy physics, magnetic levitation transportation, in steel, plastics, fertilizer, petrochemical, dairy industries, in medical applications such as cryoprobes in cryosurgery, whole body imaging etc. “Cryogenic Engineering” deals with production, transportation and utilization of cryogenic liquids.  (more…)

How to Improve Your Personal Brand & Build Your Online Reputation

online brand reputationYour online reputation is a critical asset to your brand. How does your audience see you? What do they say about you? All these are vital in bringing better opportunities for you or your business. Also in employment, online profile searches have become a must for recruiters and your personal brand reputation online has never been more important.  (more…)

How to Boost Communication Within Your Company: Start With Yourself (Part 1/3)

Professional communication structures and efficient knowledge sharing are more important than ever for any company. They reduce unnecessary mistakes and failures and boost efficiency and productivity. (more…)

Engaging Leadership: A Shift in How Managers and Leaders Work with Their People

You may well have heard managers say words to this effect: “It’s impossible to get these people motivated. What’s up with them? Don’t they get it we’re all in it together?” The answer depends on your perspective, your needs, your requirements, your values and drive. In the past year, turmoil has become even more common, the plates are heavier and even more difficult to spin; the easy option would be to opt-out – to do nothing.  (more…)

Altering Old Habits with Change Management

In life, the only constant is constant change. If a business does not adapt to the changes going on around it, it fails. Yet there is a disconnect in that humans are creatures of habit. We resist change even when we identify the changes are for the better. Being adaptable and embracing change management is an important soft skill in the modern workplace and perhaps one of the hardest to impart.  (more…)

How to Resolve Disputes: All it Takes is One Simple Skill (OK, Strike “Simple”)

Disputes within a company, either between two individuals, between rival team members or employees from different departments, can quickly turn into internal fights that are bad for everyone involved. If you want to help resolve them, you need to do something that is much harder than it sounds: You need to listen actively.  (more…)

Why are Some Web Developers Successful and Others Not?

Have you ever wondered why some developers make it and others don’t? This article discusses the behaviours and skills needed to be a successful developer with some practical tips one could do to increase the chances of success.  (more…)