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Peter Doesburg
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Peter started his entrepreneurial journey in the early 2000's riding the first wave of Social Media adoption. After a brief stint building Corporate Digital Infrastructure, Peter decided to focus on the human aspect as a Personal Trainer and life Coach. With the arrival of his children Peter became a stay-home-dad, which also led him to go back to his old roots and start an Online Content Creation business, making podcasts and YouTube videos as well as consulting a wide variety of businesses on how to best approach today's online media landscape.

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Pilar 1: The Metaverse
Productivity: Don't Turn Your Phone On
Productivity Hacks: How to Prioritise Tasks
Home Office Balance
How Cold Showers Will Change Your Life
Digitalisation and Kids
IT Best Practices: Using a Stream deck
Productivity Hacks: Streamline Virtual Meetings
Expectation Management
Pilar 2: Web 3.0
Setting Goals
A Career Gap, Now What?
Digitalisation: Future
It All Starts With Fitness
Metaverse: Sentiment Analysis
Goal Setting and Purpose
Employee Experience: My Bad Manager
Pilar 5: Crypto
Happiness: How to Stay Balanced
Leading a Meeting
Knowledge Retention within Your Organisation
Productivity Hacks: Taking Breaks
Employee Development from a Manager's Perspective
Pilar 3: NFT's
How to Stick to a Fitness Routine
Knowledge Retention with a Departing Employee
All the Good Foods
Pilar 4: DAO's
Productivity: Email Hacks
Employee Development: Employee's Perspective
Hybrid Work: Employer Perspective
Five Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have
Hybrid Work: Employee Perspective
Happiness: Family First
IT Best Practices: Purchasing a New Computer
The Small Things Matter
The Power of Getting up Early
Motivation and Discipline
AI in the Workplace
AI vs Machine Learning
Kennis overdracht: Vertrekkende Werknemer
Tijd management
Productiviteit Hack: Taak management
Ontwikkeltraject: Manager perspectief
Hybride Werkgever
Productiviteit Hacks
De kracht van vroeg opstaan
Ontwikkeltraject: Persoonlijk perspectief
Metaverse: Mogelijkheden
Digitale Kinderen
Feedback Ontvangen en Accepteren
Balans in werk en gezin
Kennisborging binnen een organisatie
Het begint allemaal met fitness
Digitale Toekomst
Deadlines Nakomen
Conflicten Oplossen
Interculturele competentie
Carriere gat, en nu?
Metaverse: Risico's
Kleine pauzes voor meer productiviteit
Doelen stellen
Hoe best feedback geven?
Nieuwe Computer aanschaffen
Werken onder druk
Content creator werkwijze
Blijf leren
Productiviteit Hack: Streamdeck
Hybride Werknemer
Duurzaamheid in Business
Vijf eigenschappen van ondernemers
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