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It All Starts With Fitness

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Fitness can be a very black and white system: Only hard work will give you results. In this episode, Peter discusses how a solid fitness foundation will impact the rest of your life.
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Fitness is a very broad topic with a lot of facets. But Fitness is a basic quality of life that is the foundation of our everyday lives.An active lifestyle stimulates a good eating and sleeping regime which directly translates towards many aspects of our everyday lives. The flipside of the equation is that a poor fitness situation will inevitably create a negative spiral of bad food, high stress and undesired consequences on our relationships and work. In this episode, Peter addresses both sides of fitness and the impact on our lives.

About the Author

Even before turning 40, Peter is already a veteran entrepreneur both on- and offline. After his degree in International Business Management he founded a Social Media Strategy consulting business riding the wave of early Social Media adoption in the 2000’s..After a stint as Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Peter is now an Online Media Creator with various YouTube channels and Podcasts on his weekly roster.

About the Author

Peter Doesburg