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Managing People with Menopause

It's a taboo subject for many, but it shouldn’t be - how do you actually manage somebody who is experiencing menopause?

Why is a Menopause Policy Important at the Moment?

In today's world, why is menopause still taboo and why is it an issue that every manager and employer should take seriously?

Unconscious Bias: Women’s Health in the Workplace

The unconscious bias that women face in the workplace can be related to menopausal health issues. Helen Morris explores these challenges and how they can be addressed with mindfulness techniques

Introduction to Clinical Biochemistry

This why the adolescent bone mineral density is important as it is thought that the more bone you have pre-menopause the more this will withstand an increase turnover and is less likely to fracture.

The Unapologetic Value Proposition

What does he know about menopausal hot flashes for the lead character?There is a 45 year old woman,what does she know about a 16 year old male teenager and his angst.

Working from Home vs. The Office

My much younger colleagues treat me completely differently now they’ve met me in person: they side-line me, I have to listen to them slagging off anyone over the age of 40 and joking about the menopause

Unleashing Blue Sky Thinking

If unattended this phase degenerates into premature institutional menopause. Like the eagle tough choices have to be made here to expunge the clutter from the systems.

Finding a Panacea for Stress

This is akin to corporate menopause.

Workplace Stress

For some women, the menopause can be a very distressing period. In addition, many people in this age cohort report problems with their adolescent children.

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