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The Menopause – A New Beginning

28m 31s
Language:  English
Elizabeth Beetham provides a balanced view on the complex subject of the Menopause. The message is clear, do not despair - this is a wonderful opportunity for more freedom and creativity.
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Elizabeth wants you to understand that The Menopause is not something to fear but simply another stage of life. While acknowledging the enormous difficulties that can arise, particularly during the peri-menopausal stage of the menopause; this episode will help you realize the changes that are happening to your body are normal and importantly, that the symptoms will end. Packed with helpful information and suggestions for easing the difficult times, which are broken down into three key steps. Exercise. Nutrition. Stress Management.

About the Author

Elizabeth Beetham empowers & motivates her clients to embrace a healthier lifestyle and has led workshops for clients such as Morgan Stanley in New York and National Grid in the UK. Elizabeth has written regularly for a wide range of UK periodicals and a New York newspaper. She has often been a guest on BBC local radio speaking on health topics and is an experienced public speaker. She has devised her own Healthy Living for Life Program, which has proved successful in changing hundreds of clients’ lives. Elizabeth is enthusiastic about teaching and inspiring others, particularly business leaders.

About the Author

Elizabeth Beetham