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Alex Devereux, the Founder of The Devereux Group has always focused on demystifying and making improvements to challenging situations by producing winning, sustainable outcomes with a futuristic approach to management solutions. His ability to build results through balanced zero- sum/non- zero- sum gains has created win-win, long lasting relationships with clients. For over 35 years, his authentic, performance-oriented focus has translated into a trailblazing career. Publicly traded behemoth companies, privately held firms, startups, and individuals have benefited from his Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Alex has an MBA, a Masters in eLearning Technology and Design, and a Masters in eLearning Corporate Training and Knowledge Management graduating magna cum laude, and Bachelor of Science, Structural Engineering. Also, Alex is a certified Knowledge Manager and Knowledge Environmental Engineer. He is also a graduate of the Jonah Program® AGI, Goldratt Institute, is a published author, and was Chair of a School of Drafting and Design and School of Business.

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