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SMART Decision Making in a New Tech Paradigm

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In his third book, Alex Devereux assists readers in recognizing the phases of the Corporate Lifecycle, performance, talent retention, and growth while including and improving DEI maturity levels.
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Disruptive events such as pandemics, market volatility, and even political instability are disorienting. We find ourselves relying on technology to not only make decisions for us but transform how we make decisions. Deferring decision making to technology alone is depriving organizations of enhanced critical thinking skills and removing leaders from developing vital problem solving competencies. SMART Decision Making in a New Tech Paradigm describes how to develop competencies for making reliable and predictable decisions faster and consistently, with the least amount of resistance and anxiety.

About the Author

Alex Devereux, the Founder of The Devereux Group has always focused on demystifying and making improvements to challenging situations by producing winning, sustainable outcomes with a futuristic approach to management solutions. His ability to build results through balanced zero- sum/non- zero- sum gains has created win-win, long lasting relationships with clients. For over 35 years, his authentic, performance-oriented focus has translated into a trailblazing career. Publicly traded behemoth companies, privately held firms, startups, and individuals have benefited from his Entrepreneurial Leadership. Alex has an MBA, a Masters in eLearning Technology and Design, and a Masters in eLearning Corporate Training and Knowledge Management graduating magna cum laude, and Bachelor of Science, Structural Engineering. Also, Alex is a certified Knowledge Manager and Knowledge Environmental Engineer. He is also a graduate of the Jonah Program® AGI, Goldratt Institute, is a published author, and was Chair of a School of Drafting and Design and School of Business.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Paradigmatic Transformative Decision-Making in Perspective
    1. What Is Paradigmatic Transformative Decision-Making?
  2. What is the Informative Phase of Decision-Making?
    1. It is All About Perception
  3. How the Informative Phase of Decision-Making Works
    1. Take a Minute to Pause. Discomfort is Good
  4. What is the Transformative Phase of Decision-Making?
    1. Consensus. Conflict. Resolution
  5. How the Transformative Phase of Decision-Making Works
    1. Enhanced Perception. It is Only the Beginning
  6. Establishing Flow
    1. Steps to Transition through the Stages “Be Like Water”
  7. PTDM Summary
    1. Paradigmatic Transformative Decision-Making
  • References
  • Endnotes
We are constantly solving problems in a world so full of unpredictability. You almost feel like you have to be lucky to be good. Many a times the problems we are trying to solve do not yet exist, and the goal posts keep shifting. Call it strategic decision making, coupled with systems thinking, or whatever you like. But Alex lays it out on the line in this book. Be bold, don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. It gets better with practice. A definite must read!!
Excellent insight and intuitiveness for memory and comprehension towards decision-making. I highly recommend reading this book more than once.
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About the Author

Alex Devereux