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Linda Lange
  • Land: Germany
  • Número de títulos: 41
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I am an Energy & Emotion Expert and Host of the Raise Your Energy Podcast. I am a certified Coach and passionate about everything to do with ENERGY.

I help individuals and teams to learn how to change based on the concepts of neuroscience, behavioural science, universal laws and meditation. My vision is to help everyone who struggles with burnout and high-stress levels to experience how awesome life can be.

I experienced burnout myself a few years ago and not just recovered but changed into a version of myself that will never burnout ever again. Now I want to spread the word about how everyone can do it.

Since doing the work that I teach to my students, I have made quantum leaps of growth. The synchronicities and serendipities happening in my life are pure magic for me. And they can be for you, too!

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