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Audio Series: In Focus
  • Země: United Kingdom
  • Number of Titles: 63
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In Focus: The Battle Against Dull Online Learning
In Focus: The Importance of Lifelong Learning
In Focus: Mobilizing Innovation Through People
In Focus: Learning Culture at Disney
In Focus: How to Win Arguments
In Focus: The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy
In Focus: Strategic Target Setting
In Focus: An Amazing Story of Resilience
In Focus: Learning Makes Us Human
In Focus: What is Your Company Culture Achieving?
In Focus: Flexibility in the 2nd Half of Life
In Focus: Implementing Learning Strategies
In Focus: Recruitment for the British Army
In Focus: The Inter-Cultural Training Partner
In Focus: Power of Improvisation in Business
In Focus: How Children Learn Through Play
In Focus: The Future of Professional Learning
In Focus: Optimize Your Digital Learning
In Focus: Do Your Communications Spark Engagement?
In Focus: The New Normal in Learning & Development
In Focus: Learning in an Agile Environment
In Focus: Building an Outstanding Workforce
In Focus: Questions L&D Professionals Should Ask
In Focus: How Humour Enhances Business Life
In Focus: What Does Your Company Brand Stand For?
In Focus: Where Leadership and Culture Meet
In Focus: What Does it Mean to be Likable?
In Focus: Diversity & Inclusion in a Hybrid World
In Focus: Persuasion is a Learnable Skill
In Focus: Predicting the Future
In Focus: An Agile Approach to Learning Design
In Focus: Personalized Learning
In Focus: Making Connections While Presenting
In Focus: Employer Branding at Albert Heijn
In Focus: Does Your Learning Make an Impact?
In Focus: Delivering Innovative Learning Solutions
In Focus: Wellbeing, Inclusion, Belonging at Work
In Focus: Fighting Disruption with Digitalisation
In Focus: User-Focused, Data Driven Learning
In Focus: Bringing L&D to a Reluctant Industry
In Focus: the Future of Recruitment
In Focus: Corporate Learning in the Digital Age
In Focus: The Role of People Professionals
In Focus: The Front Line of Learning & Development
In Focus: Agile Workforce Planning
In Focus: Neuroscience for a Better & Happier Life
In Focus: Digital on-the-job Learning at Kearney
In Focus: The Revival of Learning Culture
In Focus: Technology and Our Learning Needs
In Focus: Lessons from the SAP Sales Academy
In Focus: Leading with Purpose
In Focus: Building a Brand with Content Marketing
In Focus: Learning is Essential for Survival
In Focus: How to Go From Failure to Success
In Focus: Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion at Atos
In Focus: An Interview with 'The Evil HR Lady'
In Focus: Can You Measure the Effect of Culture?
In Focus: Talent and Positivity at 24 Hour Fitness
In Focus: How to Choose a Career That Fits You
In Focus: Engaging Learners in Modern Workplaces
In Focus: Can You Learn to be Good with People?
In Focus: Are Leaders Ready for Life Post-COVID?
In Focus: Are You Managing Your Talent Wisely?
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