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In Focus: Recruitment for the British Army

19m 40s
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Cath Possamai is the CEO of Recruiting Group at the British Army, one of Recruiter Magazine’s most influential resourcing leaders and in the Timewise Power 50 for her innovative working practices.
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Cath Possamai has a great deal of experience in resourcing and talent, and in getting the best out of teams. Listen as she explains what first took her into recruitment and resourcing, how she gets the best from teams and how she recognizes and develops talent.

We’re living through a time of great change in the way that organisations operate, and the ways in which people access their work and workplace. What are the most significant changes that will emerge in the world of resourcing?What should organisations be doing differently in order to get the best from both the recruiting process and from their established teams?

About the Author

Cath is currently CEO of the British Army and Capita’s Recruiting Group, a position she has held since June 2018. This is a 10 year partnership to deliver Regular and Reserve Soldiers and Officers to the Army, encompassing all activities from marketing and attraction, through physical and medical assessment and selection, up to the point of entry to basic training. It’s delivered by a blended military and civilian team of 1400+.Cath is married with two boys aged 11 and 15. In her spare time she enjoys running, cycling, cricket, hockey, skiing and cooking, and is coach to a mini rugby team.

About the Author

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