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Alarming facts about stress at work

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Stress is an expensive problem for businesses all over the world. It is very rare that one doesn`t get impacted by stress in the workplace. We have collected some facts about the impact of stress in the American work force which are comparable to other countries and nations. …

Microsoft Project 2010: New tools for project managers

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Practice your skills to plan, resource, manage and report on a project, no matter how large it is. Our three brand new MS Project 2010 books help you to efficiently interact and plan through project difficulties….

Publisher 2010: Part I and II

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Want to go solo and publish your own work? Then our new eBooks about Publisher 2010 are the right choice for you. Take the first steps to your own business cards, booklets and more….

Job applications: 16 ways to find a job

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There are a lot of ways to search for a job and many aspects to consider while doing so. The job hunting expert Dick Bolles suggests there are just 16 ways to find a job….