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Getting to the Root of the Problem!

Stressed? You’re not alone! No one is resistant to it. It’s just the way people handle their stress that makes a difference. If you are struggling to cope with stress and to find sustainable solutions, this blog is going to show you how to get to the bottom of your stress problems. And as everyone knows, getting to the root of a problem is already half the battle. (more…)

Managing Stress: Coping With an Illusion of Urgency and a Reality of Stress


Email, social media, texting and other forms of communication generate an illusion of urgency and a reality of stress. As a result, many of us are in a state of constant anxiety and stress instead of calm and control.  

Digital technology produces a false sense of urgency. Although there is nothing inherently urgent about email messages, phone calls or media postings, our core brain interprets the assaults on our senses as threats and activates the “fight or flight” stress response within our bodies.  (more…)