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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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How to prepare for Assessment Centres

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Have you been invited to an Assessment Centre? Do you know what to expect? This article contains preparation tips for your Assessment day….

8 steps to turn your internship into a full-time job

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Would you like to learn how to turn your position from intern to full-time employee? Then you should not miss these internship tips….

5 ways to get interviewers to like you

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Take a look at what factors influence your Personal Brand in an Interview. In other words: See how you can get interviewers to like you….

What interviewers ask to assess your skills

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Would you like to ace the next interview? Then you ought to learn more about the most common competencies asked during an interview. Take a look! …

A must-read guide to how, when and how often to apply for an internship

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Internships contribute a great deal to your chances of getting employed after graduation. Find essential tips on how and when to apply for an internship!…

“You just want to be yourself at the interview, the best of yourself” – An interview about interviews

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Get exclusive insights into how to excel at interviews! We asked career expert James Sweetman interview related questions. Read his answers here!…

24 common interview questions

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Do you know how to properly prepare for an interview? We gathered common interview questions for you to shine when it matters. …

Social Media and LinkedIn tactics that will help you land a job

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Are you currently looking for a new job? Then these tips on how to stand out from your competitors by using Social Media and LinkedIn will help you get that job!…