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A Christmas Message


If we look at Christmas traditions around the world, however different they may be, there are a few key elements that are universal. Christmas is all about family: it is the season of sharing, caring and giving, of love, compassion and family bonding. All of us should take this opportunity to spend time with our families and make the most of our relationships with others.  (more…)

10 Curious Christmas Traditions from all over the World


More than any other time of year, Christmas means honouring traditions. However, what we find completely normal may seem very strange indeed to others. Let’s have a look at some of the most peculiar Christmas customs worldwide!  (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 3


It’s Christmas time! That means it’s time to put up decorations and light some candles. While the roots and cause of the celebration – honouring the birth of Jesus Christ – are the same, Christmas traditions vary considerably from country to country. The most common are Anglo-American customs including Santa Claus (or Father Christmas), candy canes, Christmas cards, mistletoe and holly. Read on to find out how Christmas is celebrated in France and Denmark!  (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 2


Christmas and the time leading up to it is a period full of all kinds of festivities. Although it was originally a religious holiday, many secular customs all over the world have shaped the way that Christmas is celebrated today. The roots may be the same, yet every country has developed their own special traditions. Read on for a glimpse of how other countries celebrate that most beloved time of the year!  (more…)