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Keeping Track of Incoming and Outgoing Messages in Outlook

Keeping Track of Incoming and Outgoing Messages in Outlook
Have you ever felt frustrated on looking for a specific email in your Outlook?

Have you ever felt frustrated on looking for a specific email in your Outlook and yet you fail? Have you ever wasted lots of time and effort in locating a message that you almost spent all your energy to no avail? Don’t feel hopeless and desperate. There’s an easy way to see messages in Outlook a lot easier. This is through the use of conversations. How does it work?

Continue reading and you’ll find out!


Ways on Dealing with Urgent and Important Tasks

Time management and tasks prioritizing.

Have you ever been torn between doing things that are urgent and things that are important? Most people have problems in prioritizing especially when they are dealing with high work load. In order to overcome this, few tips must be followed to clearly set the distinction between “important” and “urgent” matters. In all cases of assessing management priorities, time must be allocated to tasks in order of their importance and not on their urgency.

Here is how everybody can be less stressed at the end of the day.

Excel: Printing With Headings and Titles

excel and printing with headings and titles
Excel – Printing With Headings and Titles

Titles in Excel are especially handy when you are working on a very long list. Sometimes, we have a hard time printing on this program. We often bump into the problem of missing headings or titles on the other pages. Though the first page looks good, the next ones often are not. This is where the “Print Titles” option become very handy.

Print titles feature makes this problem be solved in a matter of seconds!



8 Easy Steps on Tracking Changes in PowerPoint 2013

powerpoint 2013 tracking changes
8 steps on how to track changes in Powerpoint 2013

In using Microsoft Word, tracking changes is so easy. You will just have to click the Review Ribbon, and look for the “Track Changes” option. There, you can choose between tracking the changes or lock the tracking – an option to discourage others to turn off tracking changes using a password. In short, the system really has the specific functionality to make the tracking possible.

The story changes in Microsoft PowerPoint. It doesn’t have that specific functionality for tracking changes done on a presentation. However, it is still possible for other people to make changes on a copy of your presentation and it’s up to you whether to accept or reject the changes. How is that possible? Look at the following eight easy steps.

Maximize Your Strengths and Become Your Own Superhero

How to be successful
Become your own superhero – How to be successful despite yourself.

Strengths and superheroes: Growing up, we are introduced to several superheroes which we often idolize, even as we grow older. We tend to imitate them too and imagine all kinds of scenarios. As adults, however, we somehow choose to ignore this imagination, and that’s our biggest mistake. Why not turning your imagination into reality? Why not be your own superhero and learn how to be successful with the way you are?

Every person has their own talents and skills. To help you find out the things that you are good at and that would make you successful, here are 5 easy steps to maximize your strengths.

Socializing and Networking: How to Control Your Own Productivity

Socializing and Networking
Beginner’s guide to more productivity at work.

Socializing and networking – there is a very thin line between these two. Well, both of them sound just the same. The distinction between the two lies on the topic of conversation. When it is work related, such as career issues in your workplace, it is generally “networking”. If it is not, then it’s a plain socializing.

If socializing is conducted on breaks, lunch times, or after work, this can’t be classified as interruption at all. However, when socializing is done during working hours, it becomes a distraction that affects the productivity of your group. On the other hand, networking interruptions need to be focused and mindful of time constraints to lessen its effect on one’s productivity.


Basic calculations in Excel your boss expects you to know

Basic calculations in Excel. Check out this article and learn more about how Excel can save you some time.

MDAS stands for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. These operations, aside from counting numbers, are the basic skills taught in our Math subject. However, not all people are good on it. But working with Excel can make your life a lot easier.

Excel’s interface is designed for using formulas for basic computations and functions for more complex ones. By plotting the formulas, you will just input the data and presto, you’ll be shown of all the results that you need based on the formula you created. Although MDAS are some sort of an easy task, using Excel will make this easier and faster.


Passion and success: 4 powerful tips on how to reach your goals

Start climbing your mountain and reach your goals. Click here to read our eBook on personal success.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Passion, as what the dictionary says, is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for doing something. It is the very thing that makes you feel happy, the one that will motivate you to become the very best you can be. If you know your passion and have the opportunity to do it in your life or in work, climbing the ladder of success will be a lot easier. Everyday will be like a child’s play day, without getting tired at all.

However, even if passion is realized, not every person becomes successful. This is due to the many unnecessary thoughts and things that come on their way as they try to achieve their goals. Being able to overcome those things will help one come up with their expected output – success. So, how are we able to utilize our passion well to lead us on the right path to success? Here are four easy tips.

11 techniques to minimise interruptions

Download “How to manage interruptions” here!

Have you ever experienced working on a very tight deadline and yet people around you seem not to notice and constantly disturb you? Have you ever hated a colleague or two for bringing you into some unnecessary conversations that led to your inability to submit a report on time? Have you ever regret socializing with your co-workers during your working hours? If so, this article is for you! Enumerated here are some of the best ways to maintain and even increase your productivity by minimizing interruptions at work. These techniques really work without making you feel isolated and look like a rude, mean and some sort of an alien inside your office.


3 best ways of using the “mail merge” option in Outlook

Download Outlook 2013 here!

Mail merging is one of the most essential and helpful features of Outlook 2013 which uses the Microsoft Word 2013 engine to produce and create personalized emails to several contacts in just few clicks. This has helped many users, not only in businesses, but also at home, in sending several messages all at once. Using the mail merge option in Outlook can save you a lot of time in composing and sending messages to a number of contacts. Before you get started, you might want to get your emails organized.