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How You Can Help Your Employees Develop Stress Management


The stresses in the modern workplace are innumerable. We have undergone a fundamental shift in workplace culture in the last decade. Regardless of the causes, it is now a fact of life. It means more work for employees and more pressure for everybody from top to bottom. Unfortunately, more work and fewer staff leads to more stress. Today, the ability to cope with stress is vital in the workplace, but not everybody is able to adapt. Read on to find out how you can help your employees embrace difficulties and develop stress management.  (more…)

7 Aspects You Should Know About Diversity Management


As an HR manager, you know that diversity within your staff is important. Scientific evidence doesn’t leave room for doubt: Teams with people from a variety of backgrounds, traits, and experiences outperform teams where everyone more or less shares those aspects. But what can you do to ensure you have a diverse company?  (more…)

The Soft Skill Perceptiveness Breeds Understanding Breeds Teamwork


Do your employees lack perceptiveness in understanding meaning? Misinterpreting what people say and how they say things can lead to a bad atmosphere. This situation is not good for effective teamwork and can negatively affect morale, job satisfaction, and performance. Perceptiveness is being lost as a core soft skill, but Bookboon has a solution available today.  (more…)

Managing Stress: Coping With an Illusion of Urgency and a Reality of Stress


Email, social media, texting and other forms of communication generate an illusion of urgency and a reality of stress. As a result, many of us are in a state of constant anxiety and stress instead of calm and control.  

Digital technology produces a false sense of urgency. Although there is nothing inherently urgent about email messages, phone calls or media postings, our core brain interprets the assaults on our senses as threats and activates the “fight or flight” stress response within our bodies.  (more…)

The Soft Skill Persistence Means Business Success


It has been a difficult decade for most businesses as the workplace has undergone a fundamental shift. The demand for experience and qualification has given way to soft skills. Today, businesses small and large are looking for those quintessential transferable skills that allow the organisation to consistently move forward. The soft skill persistence is such modern soft skill. When you employees do not have persistence, how can the business ride rough storms? Persistence is a matter of attitude, and one that you can encourage and strengthen in your employees.  (more…)

Effective Business Communication: Apps to help you!


Internal communication that is healthy is vital to a company’s progress. Employees like to be kept informed about what is happening with the organisation and so management need to implement a system that feeds into this. This below app is a useful tool to promote effective internal communication to drive a business forward.  (more…)

Business Strategy: Internal and External Influences


Strategy is subject to a number of different influential factors: Among these are both the internal and external environment; and leaders are a third force in determining a business strategy. According to Henry Mintzberg (1985), a strategy lies on a continuum between planned (deliberate) and emergent strategies. Scholars in the planning school of thought have typically emphasised external environmental forces, whereas scholars in the process school of thought have assigned primacy to the internal environment.  (more…)

Learning to Forgive and Forget: Soft Skills for a Happy and Productive Team


Of all the workplace soft skills, none is more important to harmony than forgiveness. Your business simply cannot function when ongoing friction hinders performance. You would think that employees could simply move on after an argument. Although they do most of the time, sometimes it does not happen that way. Learning to forgive and forget is something you can encourage, even teach. Thankfully, Bookboon has the solution to overcoming friction in the office – no matter how long an argument has been going on.  (more…)

What Can Mindfulness Do For Me?


That’s the question, isn’t it? But what mindfulness can do isn’t just about the personal, it’s also about the professional and about society too!  (more…)

Using Service Supply Chain to Improve Business Profitability


Services have led to major structural changes across the global economies in the last decade or so. Besides the advantages that they provide, such as an increased contribution to GDP, an increase in employment opportunities and the stimulation of manufacturing potential, services provide constant and consistent revenues for businesses.  (more…)