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How Coaching can improve Employee Engagement

Coaching Skills for Managers
This is a guest article by Dr Anita Pickerden

As we move out of the recession, many firms are trying to improve their productivity and regain their competitive advantage through increased employee engagement. This blog suggests that using a coaching technique can speed up this process.


What is ‘employee engagement’? (more…)

Go creative! Taking a holiday from operational thinking

Creativity at Work
This is a guest article by Alan Barker.

Why take a break?  According to a recent UK survey, holidays help us to:

  • escape from our routine;
  • take a fresh perspective on our lives; and
  • recharge our batteries. (more…)

How to compel your audience to listen to your every word

The Engaging Presenter Part I
This is a guest article by Michael Brown.


Yes. It’s not hyperbole. You really can make the audience pay close attention and they won’t know why they’re doing it – they’ll just think you’re an interesting speaker. It’s subtle. It’s almost laughably simple. The outstanding speakers all do it, many instinctively - without knowing what is really attracting their audience’s attention. (more…)

Is it smart to self-publish or a waste of time?

How to Write Your First Novel
This is a guest article by Gay Walley.

It’s very tempting to want to take control of the fate of your own book. Why would any self-respecting person want to go through the length of time it takes to get an agent, while experiencing all too many rejections?  (Although studies have shown that a trait of creative people is our tendency to be very persistent, even in the face of doubt and naysayers.)   And if you do get an agent, then you have to wait the endless time for them to find a publisher, and along the way you will experience a maddening series of rejections there, too. (more…)

5 Key Action Steps to Help You Enjoy Volunteering

This is a guest article by Karl E. Burgher.

Volunteering can be a whole lot like work sometimes, but who says it can’t be enjoyable most of the time? In fact, volunteering is a wonderful way of making valuable contributions to society while also contributing to your own enjoyment and well-being. As we mention in an earlier blog (“8 Ways Volunteering Helps Volunteers”) and discuss in our book Volunteering, we believe that volunteering is as much about the volunteer as it is about those being helped by the volunteer individual or group. So, how do we make sure we enjoy ourselves the majority of the time? We do that by keeping these 5 actions in mind: (more…)

A Press release should engage, not enrage

The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press
This is a guest article by Peter Rose.

Producing great press releases is not just about the language you use, or even how elegant your writing style is.

Of course, the structure and content of a release are important. That’s something I emphasise in my book, The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press. Understanding what constitutes news, placing it as high as possible in the story and using the 6 “Ws” to check you have covered the salient points are vital ingredients in any successful story. (more…)

Weird Job Interview Questions And Answers – Part 3

Time To Find A New Job
This is a guest article by Gavin Redelman.

This article is Part 3 of Weird Job Interview Questions and Answers.

1. If you were to win $1 million what would you do with the money?

This is another hypothetical situational question to get to know your personal values and priorities. Job candidates often answer more honestly with these types of questions than asking them directly, “What things do you value the most? What things in your life do you prioritize?”  Based on what you say you would do with the money, you give insight into your values and outlook on life. By learning these things, hiring managers can get a better idea of whether or not you would fit in with the company’s culture and values.  Although you obviously want the job and want to convince hiring managers that you are the best candidate for the job, if your values really are very different from the company’s the truth of the matter is that you might not actually be happy in the job. It’s much better to know that ahead of time than wasting yours and the company’s time.  (more…)

Find out what you really want to do with your life!

Get the job! Download “The art of interview skills here”!

It’s not easy to know what job or profession would make us happy. Some of us want to earn the big bucks, others want a creative job, some need to satisfy their curiosity with an investigative or research job and some of us prefer to work with our hands instead of sitting in an office.

“We spend a large part of our lives working, so the more enjoyable your work is, the more you will enjoy life!” says Fiona Setch. Her ebook “The art of interview skills” contains practical tips to prepare for that all important interview that will get you the job that you want. Whether you are a new graduate entering the workplace for the first time, an experienced worker facing redundancy as part of an organisational restructure or thinking of applying for a promotion in your current job; this book will inform and inspire you to your future success.

Finding out what to do with your life is process and doesn’t just mean applying for jobs that look interesting. Also, how can you start applying if you don’t really know what would be a suitable and also enjoyable job for you?


MS Office 2013 tutorial ebooks

MS Office 201313Recently updated to MS Office 2013? We recommend these 5 MS Office ebooks which will help you to get up to speed with all the functions you have been using in the past on previous MS Office versions and introduce you to new functions of Word 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013 and Power Point 2013.

Mindsets can be good for you

Creativity at Work
This is a guest article by Alan Barker.

Try this simple exercise.

Count the number of pieces of clothing you put on this morning. Include jewellery, watches and other accessories. (All pairs count as one.)

Now: how many ways could you have got dressed this morning?  And how many of those possibilities did you think about?

(The answer’s at the end of this article.)