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Best Word 2013 tricks: Understanding the review tab

This is an excerpt of Mary Thomas's eBook Word 2013.
This is an excerpt of Mary Thomas’s Bookboon eBook Word 2013.

We’d like to start our next part of our “Best Word 2013″ series by explaining how to use to review tab. There are many functions to it, do you know them all?


How to quickly create a chart in Excel

excel pic
Learn how to create a chart!

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You have just finished your report and are under time pressure. All you need now is a nice chart to visualise your results. Surely you have created charts in Excel in the past but you cannot remember the exact steps. Don’t panic!


Management vs. Leadership – We Need More Managers!

This is a blog by regular contributor Karl Burgher.
This is a blog by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

We need more managers and fewer leaders. There—I said it, contradicting all of the noise that schools, colleges, universities, trade journals and books, magazines, and talk shows have been spewing for well over a decade.

Why? Nobody wants to be a manager anymore because it is hard and not cool. And, no one likes to be managed by (mostly poor) managers—thus management has gotten a very bad stigma associated with it. In addition, so many people, it appears, think that they are an island, a thought leader.

It seems so many want to immediately be the CEO of their own startup, proven via the popularity of TV such as Shark Tank on ABC (


3 essential tips to eliminating stress in the workplace

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Unfortunately, stress is a part of everyday life, especially in the business world, and according to statistics from The Huffington Post, its rising at an alarming rate. Consider a survey conducted in 2012, by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Everett University, where over a thousand workers were contacted by phone, and 73% of them reported being stressed out at work. Just a year later, in 2013, that figure rose to 83% and Captain Obvious reports that’s a whopping ten percent rise in just one year.

Volunteering –What about the Money? Part 4: Grant Writing

This is an article by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

As you know from the first series of posts on money—Complexity, Events and Sales, and Philanthropy, fundraising is difficult.. It is a hard task on a good day. Today we will talk about grant (and contracts) writing, a task that needs to be assigned to the most detailed of people in your organization. As always, you can find a more in-depth and action-based discussion on this topic in our free eBook, Volunteering.

The Resources – Foundations and governments award billions of dollars in grants and contracts each year. These cover a wide spectrum of causes, from housing and urban development, security, and feeding the poor around the world to a variety of research endeavors and educational efforts. There may be a granting agency or foundation that pays for the bulk of your organization’s activities. Thus, the first thing you should do as a new volunteer is to read your annual report. This will help you better learn where your sources of funds are derived from to better serve the people and activities with which your organization aligns. Volunteer managers, you, too, need to read the annual reports and any other summary reports that may have been written for your particular sponsors. You all need to know better who your sponsors are and how their funds are spent. Follow the money and you will follow the dependencies, relationships, and your products. (more…)

In world economies crime does pay!

Is the shadow economy taking over?

A report I read this week made very disturbing reading. Thanks to a decision by the United States Statistical Commission that looked to standardise accounting for all countries, the EU did some reclassification. This has meant, amongst other things, that purchases of military weapons systems and purchase of R & D have been reclassified as investments. This increases their value add and hence improves GDP, which is how we measure the welfare in a country. The new

EU reclassification would mean: More weapons equals better GDP!


6 Steps to Outstanding Questioning & Communication

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How many questions do you ask each day? What would happen if these interactions were more productive, better constructed and response driven? The possibilities are endless.

In this article we will examine 6 steps to achieving outstanding communication.


Walk a mile in my shoes, please!

Solution Focused Mentoring
This is an article by Ella de Jong.

Really stepping into someone’s shoes makes a difference.

When you start empathising with someone, start to silently observe, you can get a real insight into someone else’s life.

you will truly feel what it means to be…, what it means to have…, what it means to want

Sometimes empathy beats the best advice.

When people are going through a rough time, they’d rather hear no advice, even if it’s the best. However, you can still help them quietly by empathising with their sorrows. They do sense when you are there with them, for real, and that’s enough!


Best Word 2013 Tricks: Insert Tabs

Word 2013
This is an extract from Mary Thomas’s book Word 2013.

Who doesn’t need to use Microsoft Word 2013 in their work? In this first part of our new Office Book series, take a look at how to insert tabs and tables. Don’t forget to open Microsoft Office Word first! Good luck!






This is the Insert Tab:



The king’s new clothes

Download “The Alternative Business Model” here!

Whenever you look at the news these days there is one term that appears frequently when talking about the current economic situation: GDP. But did you know that the terms’ inventor Simon Kuznets explicitly warned not to use it to measure the welfare within a country?