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A business is only as good as its employees

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Traditional HRM practices are now giving way to a new discipline called Human Capital Management. There are scholars who insist on treating human beings as capital and there are others who question the logic behind treating human beings as capital – something that may be tangible or may not.
Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple said, “Innovation is about the people you have, how you have been led and how much you get it”. Apple is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world. Therefore, the words from Jobs need to be treated as sanctimonious.

How to use SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2013

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If you are working with PowerPoint 2013, you should also have a look at SmartArt graphics. These can make your presentations stand out. Single bullet points can be illustrated nicely with this tool and you can format the graphics and personalise the presentation to your liking.

Do you struggle with nerves when you know you have to give a presentation? Get for more tips on “How to control your nerves during a presentation” on the Bookboon blog.


Disaster proof your career

Surviving and thriving in today’s competitive markets and workplaces needs some active organising if you are going to be “career-fit” suggests Patrick Forsyth.


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 The dynamic economic environment has wrought many changes of late, and the world does not owe you a living. Nor currently can you realistically assume that regular, automatic assistance will be forthcoming from an employer intent on furthering your career, or even assisting you perform the job you do for them currently satisfactorily.


Understanding the Importance of Mainframe Data Virtualization

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It’s coming faster than ever before, and it’s coming in greater volume than ever before. We’re talking about data, of course, which can take many forms, including streaming data, operational data, and even the dreaded Big Data. This data has been reshaping entire industries, remaking the ways in which institutions, businesses, and other entities go about their work. Having a comprehensive solution for meeting the challenges (and opportunities) that this data presents is vitally important for future business success.


Give Yourself a Boost – Part 3

Read Midgie Thompson's eBook Soar with Confidence on
Read Midgie Thompson’s eBook Soar with Confidence on

As the months are flying by it seems like it was only yesterday that it was the beginning of the year and many people were taking time to set their goals. See Give Yourself a Boost – part 2 for more details about effective goal setting.

As the months have progressed, some people are progressing well and are on track to achieving their goals whereas others may not be doing so well. How are you doing? Are you continuing to take action or have things stalled, slowed down or all together stopped? (more…)

Management = Motivation, Maintenance, and Delivery

This article was written by regular contributor Karl Burgher.
This article was written by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

In our last couple of posts—Management vs. Leadership and the 3 “C’s” of Leadership we speak to the difficulty of management. While leadership can be riskier it is much harder to keep a person working on a goal and/or task that has no end in site. Anyone who has worked in a production facility or food mission will know exactly what I mean. There is no end date in production; there is no end date in serving meals to the poor. Standing up on a park bench and rallying folks to “save the _____” is a heck of a lot more romantic. It has an emotional goal and often an immediate objective. No wonder everyone wants to be a leader and no one wants to be a manager. It is very hard to manage well. (more…)

Even the president loves mentoring

This is an article by Bookboon author Ella de Jong.
This is an article by Bookboon author Ella de Jong.

Even President Obama has acknowledged the importance of mentoring!

Haven’t you noticed? Recently, President Obama and many more have pointed out the importance of having a mentor. We may have been used to it back in school, but now we are discovering the importance of it in business and other fields. (more…)

How to control your nerves during presenting

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I’d rather die …

Butterflies in the stomach are the least of the problems for some presenters. Patrick Forsyth looks at how to control your nerves.

Most people feel some unease about presenting. It has been called creative apprehension, but it can still be worrying – after all, there may be a great deal hanging on what you do. So how do you calm your nerves?


The 3 “C’s” of Leadership – Connection, Confidence & Credibility

This is a guest post by regular contributor Karl Burgher.
This is a guest post by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

Leadership can be quite simple to chat about—be decisive, be humble, care for your folks, etc. however; implementation is by far more complex. True leadership can require an enormous amount of humble connection, confidence, and credibility and requires that you always have those you lead in mind first setting aside most self serving motives. Some folks seem to be naturals; perhaps they grew up looking after others, or were dropped into situations that taught them how to represent “the people” or “their peers” at an early age. Most of us however, have to learn how to lead and how to manage. If you have compassion and empathy for people then you can learn to do both well. The eBook Volunteering can help as there is no role more difficult that leading volunteers into action. Today we focus on the 3 “C’s” of Leadership taking off from our last post – Leadership vs. Management. (more…)

Best Word 2013 tricks: Understanding the review tab

This is an excerpt of Mary Thomas's eBook Word 2013.
This is an excerpt of Mary Thomas’s Bookboon eBook Word 2013.

We’d like to start our next part of our “Best Word 2013″ series by explaining how to use to review tab. There are many functions to it, do you know them all?