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Top 10 things to remember when starting university

starting university
No worries, you will settle in and find friends soon!

1. Who will I live with?

Living in student accommodation for the first year at uni is the best way to meet new people. So don’t worry too much who you are going to live with in your first year, soon enough you will make great friends who might become your future housemates.


2. What should I take to university?

While it is important to take the necessary, like sufficient fresh clothes, a laundry basket and some household stuff, don’t forget to take some private things, to make your new room look more homely. Once you have arrived, take your first trip to the local supermarket and stock up on handy long-lasting groceries, such as pasta and tins. Don’t forget the laundry detergent and some cleaning stuff for your room!


3. Should I learn to cook?

You don’t need to take cooking classes or know the latest French cuisine, just ask your Mum or Dad to show you the basics. How to cook pasta, make sauce Bolognese from scratch and do pasta bakes. Everything that’s easy to cook such as frozen foods combined with some fresh ones will come in handy, so you don’t have to live on pizza for the next three years!


Those crazy interview questions

How to Excel at Interviews
This is a guest article by James Sweetman.

With planning and foresight it is possible to predict many of the questions you will be asked at an interview. But then there are the questions that you could never predict, questions which seem so bizarre you could think the interviewers are having a laugh. However, these whacky questions serve a purpose and they can also be categorised.

Commonly associated with companies such as Facebook or Google, these far-out questions are seeping into the mainstream as organisations realise the benefits of learning more about a candidate’s personality, preferences and motivations. (more…)

The creativity job spec

Creativity at Work
This is a guest article by Alan Barker.

Could you write a job spec for creativity?

David Perkins thinks that we can. Perkins is a senior professor of education who has studied creativity extensively. Back in the 1980s, he identified six related traits that mark out the creative person. He calls this ‘the snowflake model of creativity’. Creative people might not possess all six, he says; but the more they have, the more creative they tend to be. (more…)

600,000 reasons to hone PR writing skills

The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press
This is a guest article by Bookboon author Peter Rose.

Almost as soon as the concept of on-line publishing became a reality, a bevy of self-appointed experts began to sound the death-knell for the traditional, printed word.

Well, I can provide 600,000 reasons why, like most experts of their kind, they were either somewhat premature – or simply wrong. Despite the explosive growth of web-based publishing – as evidenced by the incredible success of Bookboon -  print magazines and newspapers are still with us. (more…)

10 Steps to Move You from Work to Successful Encore Volunteering

This is a guest article by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

In a previous post, we spoke about “5 Key Action Steps to Help You Enjoy Volunteering.” This week’s blog builds on that theme for those encore volunteers who have left the working world with years of experience and wisdom to bring to the volunteer organization.

Let’s define the encore volunteer as the individual doing something in service after having done something else for much of their lives. Much has been written about the “encore” time of life, given that so many folks are living so much longer. Encores want, and very much need, to find something to occupy time purposefully for as much as a  decade or two after having finished their work-for-pay life. We discuss this at length in Chapter 8 of our free eBook Volunteering. (more…)

How to use PowerPoint AND engage your audience

The Engaging Presenter
This is a guest article by Bookboon author Michael Brown.

Audience-abuse has to stop.

The US armed forces agree. This from the highest levels in the Pentagon: “PowerPoint stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making.”  This from Brigadier General McMaster: “PowerPoint is dangerous because it creates the illusion of understanding. Some problems are not bulletizable.” This from General James N Mattis, Joint Forces commander: “PowerPoint makes us stupid”. He also likened it to an internal threat, and banned it. (more…)

5 best communication books

Check out the 5 best communication skills ebooks here!

5 best communication books

We communicate every day with many different types of people without even thinking about it. A lot of it happens at work, where we hold presentations, discuss work with our boss and colleagues and report about latest achievements and working processes. It’s often not easy to find the right words for a situation – that’s why we have picked the 5 best books written by experts in their fields.

This week we have a selection of the 5 best communication ebooks for you. If you would like to make a case for a pay rise for your boss, be able to communicate better with your team or learn how to stand up to yourself in a discussion, there is something for everyone.

Why companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Zipcar are the business winners of tomorrow

subscription business
Start a subscription business with tips from Morten Suhr Hansen ebook!

We see them in every country and in every industry: the subscription winners! New companies with new innovative subscription business models are challenging old-fashioned companies. The subscription revolution is coming! Are you ready?

In 1998 Reed Hastings, a former math teacher and a successful software entrepreneur, launched a new company that would change the dynamics of a multi-billion-dollar industry and topple mighty giants. Hastings had recently had to pay $40 in overdue fines after returning the rental movie Apollo 13 far too late. From that annoyance sprang the idea of a whole new way of distributing rental movies to consumers – and subscription-based Netflix was a reality.

Download “How to build a subscription business” by Morten Suhr Hansen here.

Networking: Give other people value and win power and influence

This is a guest article by Simone Lemming Andersen.

The way we communicate often decides how big a slice of the cake we get. Does this seem a bit exaggerated? That may well be the case, but it does not make it less true. Moreover, the more you spend and the more you become an empathetic and intelligent communicator – the more people will allow you to obtain power and influence!

The right to power, influence and opportunities is not a right you possess or take: It is a right other people will have to grant you. Imagine a presidential election where a candidate – in order to become president – has to please the voters and give them an unambiguous feeling that he can improve their living conditions. In your own world, you also have to please people before they allow you to go through with your plans. Your success depends on whether you have an attitude that your surroundings find useful to honour. If you do, they are going to support and open doors to you. (more…)

Write around the block: 5 ways to beat Writer’s Block

The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press
This is a guest article by Peter Rose.

Some people think that Writer’s Block is a myth. The idea that someone could be rendered incapable of transferring their thoughts from brain to paper seems too far-fetched.

If you’re one of them, you have obviously never experienced the tyranny represented by a blank sheet or screen. (more…)