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Soft Skill Conflict Resolution: Your Team Morale Depends On It


The workplace can be a stressful place. Conflicts happen between managers and employees; it cannot be avoided. We also see conflict between employees, and between employees and clients/customers. This is only the human conflicts. A lack of ability to solve conflicts can negatively affect your business. That is why it is vital that you promote positive conflict resolution as a soft skill. There are tools you may use to promote good conflict resolution. The simplest is mediation or mindfulness practices, but you need a long-term solution. Bookboon can provide that. 


12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 3


In the previous two articles of this series, we have discoursed the different factors that can contribute to the failure of a presentation. Factors during the preparation and during the actual presentation were discussed in part 1 and part 2 respectively. Part 2 thoroughly explained how some unpredictable challenges, presentation contents, spoken and body languages can make your presentation a total disaster. This last part will talk about the remaining factors stated on Rudolf Strutz’ eBook, “12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation”.  (more…)

3 Secrets to Boost Your Cash Flow Glitches


When small, one-person business owners collect together and discuss the main difficulties they face, a lack of cash flow is often the most substantial difficulty faced particularly within the first few months of being in business and often later, from time to time. To stop running your business too close to the edge, learning the secrets that will eradicate your cash flow problems is essential.  (more…)

How to Build Your Team Through Organisational Theory


When organisational behaviour becomes a threat to the success of your business, you must be able to understand why organisational theory is so important to the way that you arrange and manage your business or non-profit establishment. Once understood, you can greatly improve turnover, sales and profits, using dynamic systems which need not be kept hush-hush by those that know. Do you want in on the secret? (more…)

12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we have discussed how different kinds of preparations, technology, last second changes and putting internet or external links can easily ruin your presentation. Problems that relate to these simple aspects may arise and may possibly turn all your efforts into a complete nightmare, especially if you were not able to consider them beforehand. There are many instances where momentum fades after a speaker experience minor disruption associated with these factors. Solution? Always be prepared for these “disasters”. Make sure you always have a back-up plan because no matter how prepared you are, catastrophe may still kick in.  (more…)

How Business Leaders Take Rejection to Boost Profits

Your business will benefit by finding out why customers are failing to complete a purchase. Your business will benefit by finding out why customers are failing to complete a purchase.

Nobody enjoys being rejected, whether at school, in relationships and especially not in business. Many great business leaders will tell you that they have learnt great lessons after being rejected, providing them with the opportunity to boost turnover and profits for their business. They have learnt the lesson of not giving up.  (more…)

12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 1

Nowadays, technological advancement can be clearly seen in all aspects of life. In most cases, in spite some negative impacts, it truly made our lives easier. From our own homes to our workplaces, progress is really noticeable. Technology also helped improve the way we present our ideas, thoughts and concepts. We are now able to transmit and relay information in just a few clicks. Through the use of different presentation programs and software, we are able to creatively communicate the things we want or need to convey.  (more…)

Without the Teamwork Soft Skill, there is No Team

Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company's success. Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company’s success.

There is not greater soft skill than teamwork. However, ask yourself whether your team is an actual team or whether it is a collection of individuals. Teamwork is vital for your company’s success. Although we cannot change people’s individual outlook, we can encourage them to pull together for the betterment of the team. There is a simple solution that won’t cause you headaches.  (more…)

3 Crucial Habits to get Repeat Business and Referrals

The destiny of your business is linked to your character. The destiny of your business is linked to your character.

Successful one-person businesses understand the secrets that make it cost-effective to help current customers return regularly to purchase – and offer to refer and introduce their friends, colleagues and business partners to visit. The alternative is wasting time and overspending by constantly marketing to a new audience. These secrets are relatively simple to replicate.  (more…)

Soft Skills: Do Your Employees Have The “Growth Mindset”?

What is a "growth mindset"? What is a “growth mindset”?

In the collection of soft skills required for the workplace, the growth mindset is probably low on your list. It may seem like meaningless “Business Speak”, but it’s not. It is about many things, not least of all capacity for personal development. We know how harnessing employee potential can be good for your business. We know just how equally important building their confidence can be. Mindsets can be an asset or a hindrance, but Bookbook has a great way of harnessing these skills. If you want your employees to break their fixed mindset, please read on. (more…)