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8 traits a writer has to have

How to Write Your First Novel
This is an article by Gay Walley.

In my work as a writing coach, I see many people struggle with wanting to write something. Many people believe they have lived through difficulty and their story must be told. Or they’ve always had an idea for a book about populating the moon.  All of this can work well, if it is told well, stylishly, surprisingly, creatively. I have known great writers and bad writers, burgeoning writers and stuck writers. You never know who will get to the finish line of a completed, well written book that people want to read. But I have learned to look for the following traits that, on the surface, may seem simplistic, but you’d be surprised how rare they ALL are to come by in one person and, yet, they all have to be there to embark on a work of art or a commercial book: (more…)

5 worst project management mistakes

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When a new project starts everyone is motivated at first and happy to get stuck in. Unfortunately within the process some projects fail. We have summarised the 5 worst project mistakes a project manager can commit. Keep your project safe and avoid our 5 worst project mistakes below.

1. Starting a project without a project plan

We have all heard the excuses for not creating a project plan beforehand. You will hear “projects never got to plan anyway” or “we don’t have time for that, let’s just get started with the project”. However, this is the first step on the road to a failing project.
Always start with a project plan even if it takes time and effort, it will be worth it!
If you don’t know how to get started, read “Project Management: How to get your project started”.


Project Management: How to get your project started

Read more about Project Management Principles and download the eBook here!

When talking about project management there is a lot of talk about staying on schedule, the budget or how to be a good project manager. Here, however, we will discuss how to get your project started.

The most important question you should  ask yourself when you start a project is “What is this project trying to achieve and why?” This question will help you to define the scope of a project and the desired outcome.

The first phase of a project is also called “Initiation Phase” in project management and the goal of this phase is to define the desired outcome which will be outlined in the “Project Charter” and the “Project Scope Statement”.


5 Ways To Revolutionise Your New Year Job Search & CV

New Years Resolution: Find Dream JobAre You Trapped By Mediocre Thinking?

People often trap themselves in a cycle of low-level success by following conventional job search strategies and typical CV promotion techniques.  Understandably, recruiters are not impressed.  Conventional people are only credible for small shifts in job responsibility.

Achieving a new job with significant managerial responsibilities or in areas outside of your previous experience first requires a revolution in your mindset.  Change how you approach job hunting and your competition evaporates!  By thinking like an executive you ask new questions of both yourself and others attaining unconventional insights that excite the recruiter.  In short, generate executive impact!

Here are five ways to spark your executive revolution:


Give Yourself a Boost – Part 2

Soar with Confidence
This is an article by Bookboon author Midgie Thompson.

January is the typical time of year for goal setting. We will continue this Give Yourself a Boost series on the goal setting theme to help you set goals and boost your confidence. Catch up on the series’ first article here.

The key to goal setting and confidence building is that you can give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve each goal, and acknowledge an achievement. This helps you feel good about yourself, which then helps you feel more confident. (more…)

A New Year, a new career, a new CV

Paul Brisk
This is an article by Bookboon author Paul Brisk.

It’s that time of the year when New Year’s resolutions have been made and often relate to taking a fresh look at our jobs and taking stock of where we are going. Most importantly, we stop to see whether our current values and aspirations are being fulfilled.

We spend the majority of our time at work, so it’s vital that we are happy with what we are doing.

If a decision is made at this point that we need a fresh challenge, with or without additional responsibilities, the key driver in finding that position is a strong and meaningful CV.  (more…)

4 Reasons for some Holiday Volunteering Gratitude

This is a blog by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

It’s the holiday season all around the world. Another year has come to an end. They always seem to do that, while we often struggle to stay safe, healthy, and employed and obtain the resources for our daily existence.

Some of us are at peace, some are not. Some of us will be with family, some will not. Some of us will have gatherings with lots of food and gifts and others will not. The point is that we can always look to the left and see one life or look to the right and see another. But when we can get out and volunteer, bring ourselves into the volunteering spirit, and get out of our own head and do good service for someone or something else, we can find it much easier to find and hold onto gratitude despite our own current situation. Simply put, because we can volunteer we always have reason for gratitude (which provides hope) and here are four quick reasons why.


“How to”: a simple lateral thinking technique

Creativity at Work
This is an article by regular contributor Alan Barker.

“How to” is the simplest creative technique I know. Here’s how you use it.

State the problem as a phrase beginning with the words “How to”.

That’s it. No other rules apply.   (more…)

Give Yourself a Boost

Soar with Confidence
This is an article by Bookboon author Midgie Thompson.

We could all benefit from a boost of confidence from time to time, regardless of how much confidence we normally have in our lives. Even though we may normally feel quite confident in many aspects of our lives, setbacks, stress and negative feedback can have an impact that make us wobble a bit.

In this first in a series of blog posts, I will present some bite-sized strategies to help give yourself a boost of confidence. (more…)

Managers, Leaders and… Charisma

Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership
This is an article written by Georgios Piperopoulos.

The concept of management draws from and is an object of study in philosophy, history, political science, sociology, psychology, military science and theology while the concept of leadership is also an area of interest and study for most of these fields.

A broad discussion has emerged concerning similarities and differences between leaders and managers as persons, and of leadership and management as a process revealed by observable behaviour of such persons. (more…)