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Music as a Mindful Tool

From Stress Reduction to Improved Concentration

Barbara Wild
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From writings of ancient Greek philosophers to neuroscientists' experiments, music stands out as a magnificent human activity. It showcases the organizing principles of the Universe, you included!
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Music As A Mindful Tool is an insight into the fibre of music and sound. It aims to help you understand how it relates to health, cognition, and happiness. Let music into your workspace, open yourself to Nature's sounds, meditate with the resonance of the gong, dance to the end of sorrow; you are bound to overcome every obstacle.

About the Author

Barbara Wild was born in Uruguay in 1975. Her work includes playing the gong, guiding meditations, teaching yoga and breathing techniques. She's been a DJ since 2003, playing house, minimal, and ambient. She has composed two albums and made several remixes. Together with fellow musicians and other artists, she created retreats, gong ceremonies, parties in the woods. She has spent long periods in Santiago de Chile, Rome, Sardinia and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
She attended two Vipassana meditation retreats in Buenos Aires.
Barbara lives in Punta del Este with her family and is always studying.

  1. Music, Sound and Vibration
    1. A Vibrating Universe
    2. Resonance
    3. Harmony, Reciprocity, and Proportion
    4. Sound Cocoon
    5. Exercise: Gong Soundbath
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. In Music We Trust
    1. Sound as the origin of the manifested World
    2. Music has always been among us: Drumming & Chanting
    3. Music and the Brain
    4. Exercise: That Good Old Song
    5. Chapter Summary
  3. Take Your Mind Home
    1. A focused Mind
    2. Being present
    3. Mindfulness
    4. The Eye of the Observer
    5. Exercise: Guided Meditation
    6. Chapter Summary
  4. Conscious Music Listening
    1. Hearing and Listening
    2. What is Music?
    3. The Components of Music
    4. Identifying Sounds and their Nature
    5. Music in the Background
    6. Music and Education
    7. Enhanced Concentration
    8. Exercise: Listen to the instruments in a Band or Orchestra
    9. Chapter Summary
  5. It’s a Body Thing, a Soul Thing
    1. Access your Consciousness through your Body
    2. Resistance to Change: Inertia
    3. Rhythm and Groove: Dance, Dance, Dance
    4. Exercise: Create your Dance
    5. Chapter Summary
  6. Stress Reduction
    1. What is Stress?
    2. Physical Consequences of Stress
    3. Purpose, Determination, Trust
    4. Chapter Summary