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Mindfulness attitudes, Non-striving, Acceptance

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In this talk we explore the mindfulness attitudes of non-striving and acceptance to help you and your manager use these to support you in the workplace.
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Some of the mindfulness attitudes are harder than others to explain, or adopt, in the situation of the workplace. As our organisations are often driven to achieve more with less, the idea of non-striving may seem contrary to the culture of business. However, as we explore this attitude, it will be seen that it is a positive benefit to the workplace. Acceptance is vital in an organisation that wishes to support the culture of non-discrimination. It also supports the individual who is experiencing difficulties in respect of equality and opportunity within the organisation.  

By exploring these attitudes, we can see the value that they bring to both the managerial and individual roles within an organisation. In particular, their application in respect of the unconscious bias against women in the workplace is key, as acceptance is a fundamental part of the management of physical and mental health issues, both for the manger and the individual themselves.  

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