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How Caring For Plants Can Boost Your Health

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How and why houseplants can make your work environment a much better place to be, and how that can also improve your health in the process.
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The COVID-19 pandemic of the past year has resulted in a sharp increase in mental health issues around the world. Seeing as the importance of mental health is becoming more and more apparent, this talk offers an insight into how caring for a houseplant can actually help improve this. And not just mental health, but also physical health. The following talk will discuss in more detail, what the exact benefits are of having plants, and how this works. It will also leave you with the first basic steps to plant care, so that everyone can try this at home.

About the Author

Tirza Brink is an Honours Student at Leiden University College: The Hague, with a major in Global Public Health. After working on a student podcast at university and various theater shows, they now enjoy the opportunity to create content on topics they are passionate about. Having spent most their life living in the same country, they cannot wait to finally branch out and take the world by storm.

About the Author

Tirza Brink