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How to Sell Successfully with Ecommerce

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This book helps senior leadership teams to consider how ecommerce impacts every part of the business and to develop and implement an effective ecommerce strategy with consumer centricity focus.
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Too many businesses manage ecommerce ineffectively because they don’t approach it in a consumer centric way. As a result, they don’t see the sales they expected. Despite securing major retail listings, products may get delisted. Relying on third-party marketplaces without understanding consumers hinders success.

In my work with many of the world’s best-known brands, I see the same ecommerce challenges time and again:

This book helps senior leadership teams to consider how ecommerce impacts every part of the business and to develop and implement an effective ecommerce strategy.

About the Author

Lynsey Sweales is a highly experienced international digital & ecommerce strategist, facilitator, consultant keynote speaker & author with experience spanning 20+ years. A former international digital agency owner and cofounder of Cognitive Union a global consultancy and training organization. Lynsey has designed and facilitated international projects for an extensive range of B2B and B2C organisations including L’Oreal, Google, Shiseido, Colgate Palmolive, PwC, Bacardi, NBC Universal at global, regional and local levels.

  • About The Author
  • Preface
  1. The Starting Point
    1. The ecommerce landscape
    2. Landscape research
    3. Keyword research
    4. Routes to market
    5. Responsibility for ecommerce
    6. Website design
    7. Chapter summary
  2. Understanding Your Audience
    1. Understanding the consumer journey
    2. Attract, Engage, Convert and Care
    3. The ‘Trigger Point’
    4. Silos
    5. Chapter summary
  3. Customer Centricity
    1. Reactive
    2. Proactive
    3. How the reactive audience differs
    4. Chapter summary
  4. Your Brand’s Website
    1. The impact of the pandemic
    2. Your website’s role 1: To help you to understand your customers
    3. Your website’s role 2: To sell
    4. Your website’s role 3: The central hub of your business
    5. Auditing your website through your consumer’s eyes
    6. Data and the value exchange
    7. Chapter summary
  5. Marketplaces
    1. A different type of relationship
    2. First party or third party
    3. The rise of the digital natives
    4. A+ content
    5. The snowball effect
    6. Chapter summary
  6. Working with Retailers
    1. Audit
    2. Need to know
    3. The consumer filter
    4. The three-step approach
    5. Accessing data
    6. Checklist
  7. Competing Effectively for Retail Space Online
    1. The product title
    2. The hero image
    3. Additional images
    4. The product description
    5. Videos
    6. Putting it all together
    7. Chapter summary
  8. The Importance of Effective Metrics and Measurements
    1. What to measure
    2. Caring = Loyalty
    3. Test, learn and improve
    4. All or nothing
    5. Data trends to be aware of
    6. Measuring what, not who
    7. Be aware of Silos
    8. Chapter summary
    1. Your Next Steps
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Lynsey Sweales