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Steven J. Manning
  • Страна: United States
  • Number of Titles: 28
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Steven J. Manning is an internationally-known business leader, advisor, author, public speaker and broadcaster. He is a founder, CEO, Principal, General Manager and Board Member of a number of enterprises in the US and Europe. He is credited with the origination of prominent creative and empirical concepts, targeting data base concepts, media strategies, promotional concepts, incentive devices and channels, and decision-making predictive techniques. All those are widely used in the marketing world. He has generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue of consumer products, services and consultative endeavors. Steve has been active in the digital world since the invention of commercial applications in the space.

In addition to successful owned and operated enterprises, he has generated revenue for and has been a principal advisor to many major global brands in a number of arenas including marketing, advertising, corporate governance and conflict resolution. Those include: CBS, Disney, DirectTV, Guthy Renker, IKEA, Provide Commerce, Kimberly-Clark, NBC, Netflix, WebMD, SONY, Telebrands, Time Warner, Toyota, LG, UMG, Milton Friedman University, as well as other Fortune 50 enterprises (including a Global 5) who do not want their advisors named publicly. In the aggregate, he has generated tens of billion dollars in revenues.

His professional and personal relationships span the world. Those include captains of industry, world-renown educators, authors and thought-leaders, sports personalities.

Steve is an astute observer of people, society, business, politics, academia, history and all matter of trends that affect all those. He writes and speaks extensively on pillars of success, economics, advertising, marketing, conflict resolution, writing, leadership, management, politics, social constructs, history, politics and more, to various audiences including professional groups and institutes of higher learning.

Scroll down to click on his latest book, The Business of Life. Taking a wrecking ball to conventions and norms. The first book of its kind by the largest publisher of business content in the world. His book preceding that, Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue is highly acclaimed around the world. Next: Explaining Bitcoin To Buddhist Monks: So many things, events, served up in all media ways, are just incomprehensible. Might as well try explaining Bitcoin to Buddhist monks. Also, Thanks Oscar (Wilde), are in the works.
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