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Scripts for Success

Workplace Communication Templates to Advance Your Career

Taal:  English
Scripts for Success is a collection of communication scripts for ambitious professionals to build key relationships and secure leadership roles on the job.
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In today’s hyper-political workplaces, it’s no secret that experienced professionals often struggle to go from mid-level roles to leadership positions. The road is particularly treacherous for women, Black or Brown people, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and older people.

Communications coaching—a mainstay for executives—is sorely lacking for these often overlooked, underpaid workers.

Scripts for Success—a collection of simple, yet impactful communications—helps professionals gain visibility in a natural way and build the key relationships required to secure leadership roles. It provides the verbiage and context for professionals to show their worth and rise.

About the AUthor

Macollvie J. Neel is an entrepreneurial writer, editor, and communications consultant focused on elevating overlooked voices in workplaces and media spaces. In the corporate realm, Macollvie has a track record of creating award-winning digital, audio, visual, and print communications for such Fortune 500 companies as Disney, MetLife, and Marsh & McLennan. In the media, Macollvie writes and speaks about communications, Haiti, immigrants, and entrepreneurship via such outlets as Business Insider, NPR, MSNBC, WABC, and The Haitian Times. She is the founder of Comms Maven, a communications consultancy serving purpose-driven professionals.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Introduction
    1. Scripts for success overview
  2. Scripts for personal branding
    1. What you need beyond the resume and cover letter
    2. Your short bio
    3. Your medium bio
    4. Your full-length bio
    5. Your LinkedIn “About” summary
    6. Invest in a professional headshot
  3. Scripts to establish rapport
    1. Get them at “hello”
  4. Scripts for compensation conversations
    1. Getting paid what you’re worth
    2. Preparing for your conversation
    3. Go-to worksheet for compensation conversations
    4. Following up: make it easy for them to advocate for you
  5. Scripts for sharing your successes
    1. Boss up with the right tone and language
  6. Scripts to handle racist, sexist, and other bigoted situations
    1. Handling hairy and rage-quit-inducing scenarios
    2. True allyship in action
  7. Scripts for virtual or remote work success
  8. Scripts for resigning
    1. Resignation scripts
    2. Goodbye scripts
  9. What next?
  10. Worksheets and other resources
    1. Worksheets
    2. Additional resources
  11. Endnotes
Over de auteur

Macollvie J. Neel