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Healthy Is The New Happy!

How To Incorporate Holistic Living Into Your Every-Day Life

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Using intuitive simple approaches, this book will help define the steps needed to create the reader’s “back to basics” plan for overall well-being to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.
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This book provides a back-to-basics, holistic approach to achieving one’s “best life.” The book will help define methods which promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. These three pillars of our existence contribute to the success and wellness of each person. When one area is off, the delicate balance of the human ecosystem is disturbed. A focus on health and wellness using simple techniques is needed now more than ever. Synergistic existence of humans and our planet’s ecosystem is needed now more than ever. Our health and well-being is determined by the choices one makes while living.

About the Author

Denise Shamlian is a solution-focused Entrepreneur, Holistic Health Coach, Educator and Esthetician, with 30+ years of corporate success in the health & wellness, cosmetics, skincare, fashion, and retail industries. Her broad areas of expertise include, nutrition, and health, mentoring, team building, education, sales, marketing, forecasting, e-commerce and global strategy. Dedicated to helping people become their healthiest selves, she incorporates a lead with love technique, to help make that happen. Denise loves exercising in nature and promotes Get Up, Get Out, Get Well Health Systems.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Self Care – Makes a Better You
    1. Do It Daily - Time Management
    2. Rest, and its brain-boosting benefits
    3. Meditation – Creativity Abounds When you are not in Fight or Flight
    4. Creative Ideas Chart Activity
    5. Chapter Summary
  2. Diet and Nutrition – Your Input Affects your Output
    1. Eat Plants
    2. 80/20 Life Choices – Relax and Enjoy
    3. Variety is the Slice of Life
    4. Questionnaire Activity - Roadblocks to Healthy Eating
    5. Chapter Summary
  3. The Art of Movement – Nothing Rests
    1. Reenergize at your desk
    2. Daily Movement – Tonic Chemicals Increase Productivity
    3. Stretch Your Mind
    4. Guided Stretch Meditation Activity
    5. Summary
  4. Summary
    1. Back-to-Basics
  • Table of figures
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Denise Shamlian