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Confidence in the Workplace

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No matter how you think, if you don’t make a decision and act on that decision nothing will change. This book will guide you through activities and exercises to build your confidence to change.
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  • Body of Evidence
  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Self-Awareness
    1. Understanding emotions, feelings and body language
    2. Believe in yourself
    3. Self-talk - what is it? How can you harness its power?
  2. Perspective
    1. Do you look at situations from different angles?
    2. Is confidence the same as arrogance?
    3. What do you choose?
  3. Action
    1. Are you pro-active or re-active?
    2. How do you react to situations?
    3. Building good rapport in the workplace – networking
    4. Values and motivation
  4. Reality
    1. Your thoughts on your reality
    2. What are your goals?
    3. Goals or dreams?
    4. Where are you in the picture?
    5. What are your strengths?
  5. Knowledge
    1. Non-verbal communication
    2. Rituals, routines or processes?
    3. How to instil confidence as a leader
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References

Confidence is deciding you’re unstoppable — not that you’ll never fail. Tom Bilyeu.
Understanding who you are is one of the keys to being confident in all aspects of your life. This book will reveal The Rebel Way™ S.P.A.R.K of Confidence. When you embrace who you are and trust in your abilities, you can achieve your true potential. The secret to having confidence is investing the same amount of time in building your confidence as you do in building your career. This book is your guide through the five steps to increase your confidence internally and externally.

About the Author

Amanda Armour, a healing coach based in the UK, specialising in emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Her expertise focuses on Relationships, Transformation, Divorce, and ADHD. She has 15 years of experience in coaching. Amanda believes there is a rebel inside everyone and founded The Rebel Way™.
She trained with The Coaching Academy in Personal Performance Coaching; Christian Mickelson in Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing, Instant Miracle Mastery and Rapid Results Coaching; Fraz Smith in Energy Healing and The Centre of Excellence in Colour Energy Therapy.