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Using AI for Your Benefit

Is it really that amazing?

24m 39s
Langue:  English
Does AI intrigue you? Amaze you? Challenge you? Scare you? Will it disrupt or blow up your life? Your future? Or will it make it better? If you answer YES to any of that, this expert talk is for you.
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Steven J. Manning’s approach to AI is entirely practical to benefit you!

Welcome to the new, scary and exciting world of AI. Manning will spare you having to troll through the too-many billions of results that Google serves up. Want to listen to or read another talking head – one of many thousands - droning on and on about the great new “AI thing?” You will not get that here! Manning has been in the AI world for decades! Listening to this talk will be like a cleansing breath for all who feel unsettled, left behind, even scared by the AI revolution. A must!

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Steven J. Manning