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Making Sales Performance Great

Langue:  English
Techniques and methodologies for sales professionals to move to the next level and overcome the most common challenges they might face. The Writer uncovers how one can turn sales into their passion.
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Make Sales Performance Great! This is what this book aims to do - to help sales professionals adopt a more efficient, proactive and mindful approach to sales. Sales professionals should aim to get a bird's eye view on their leads and customers. The author introduces techniques that can facilitate the ongoing review of risks, opportunities overall performance. Adopting a mindful, precise and prepared sales-mindset is the central theme of the Book. Sales professionals must always retain mindful control over their environment in a way that is in line with their clients’ needs.

About the Author

The Author has spent decades analyzing the work of sales professionals, as well as the psychological reasons behind successful client management and deal-making. Tibor started working in sales in the turbulent environment of post-Soviet Hungary. He soon realized that the key to success in sales is the ability to adapt to our environment’s and clients’ needs. He has since gradually climbed the corporate ladder in sales and has worked both as Sales Director and CEO. He is currently working as an independent consultant, advising C-Level professionals on their professional development.

  1. Inside the mind of a typical sales representative
    1. Why we feel the need to improve—and others do not
    2. What makes us to stick to our standard approaches
    3. Your brain helps
  2. How to handle different clients, attitudes, management types, and firm-level contingencies
    1. Red flags
    2. What happens if you do not identify them?
    3. No-Go leads
  3. Signs of leads with potential—and how to close them
    1. How to identify valid leads
    2. How to control your sales cycle and be one step ahead of your customer
    3. Traps not to fall into
  4. Tried-and-true tools and techniques to make your life easier
  5. Conclusion
  6. Test
A propos de l'auteur

Tibor Turkevi-Nagy