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Giving Feedback

Interview With Global Business Expert Nicolas Babin

14m 15s
Langue:  English
Giving feedback is not easy. It can be hard to know how they will react & if they'll even take your advice on board. Have you ever wanted to give someone some feedback and not known how?
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Giving feedback is so important, as is receiving it. Do not discount the importance of receiving and delivering feedback without involving emotion. "You need to be genuine, specific and not emotional," says Nicolas Babin, Global Business Expert (ex-Head of Sony Europe). "I believe that giving feedback is a skill and it's a very important one to learn," he adds. "In some ways, it can be more difficult to deliver bad news than good news, but if you want to be a success in life then I think you have to deliver it with the right intentions and receive feedback with graciousness." This is a must-listen talk.

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Nat Schooler