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Equity (in)action

Moving Beyond Diversity in the Workplace

Langue:  English
This book is designed for anyone who is appalled by continued social disparities and inequalities, particularly in the workplace, and wants to move from concern to informed action.
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This book will help readers:

  • Avoid common (and often well-intentioned) misconceptions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Explore hiring and recruitment as examples of how to raise awareness and shift toxic workplace cultures toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Get clarity on their own plan and mission toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About the Author

My work as an equity and inclusion practitioner began through my zeal for excellence in scientific research and a desire for greater representation in the classroom, the lab, the field, and in other academic spaces. I have worked alongside and led teams, departments, and individuals to develop and execute strategies that address the need for a more diverse and representative work environment. To do this, we engage in critical and meaningful conversations, consult the data, and do the work of shifting mindsets and behaviors.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Equity Road Map
    1. From Inaction to Action
  2. Understanding Equity: Access, Achievement, Power, and Identity
    1. Access and Achievement
    2. Power and Identity
    3. Reflection: Access, Achievement, Power, and Identity
  3. Unpacking Equity: Considering Scale
    1. The Multiple Dimensions of Equity in Action
    2. Case Study Scenario - Hiring and Retention
  4. Ready for Action: Self-Check and Planning
    1. The I in (In)equity
    2. Practice Scenario
    3. Putting It All Together: Your Equity Plan
  • Final Thoughts: (in)Action = (in)Equity
  • Table of Figures
  • Endnotes

Learn how to move from simply thinking about diversity to actively promoting equity at work. Recognize how different aspects of identity and power dynamics can influence success and access in the workplace. Develop practical skills to plan and implement effective, sustainable changes towards equity. Understand how to work within systems and relationships to achieve meaningful progress toward workplace equity.

A propos de l'auteur

Nicollette D. Mitchell