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Conquering UK Employment Law - Discrimination

Langue:  English
This easy to follow book, written for managers, supervisors and business owners in small to medium firms, is packed with helpful advice on both the law and the practical side of discrimination.
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This easy to read book is one in a series of compact employment law guides providing an invaluable resource for managers navigating their way through the increasingly complex world of UK employment law. All companies need to be aware of their legal responsibilities in order to ensure that neither they nor their employees discriminate against others at work. This book steers the reader through the relevant law and is packed with tips and advice on how to navigate equality at work fairly, explains what the 'protected characteristics' and 'prohibited behaviours' are and sets out the basics of how discrimination law operates in the workplace.Legally qualified, the author has worked in employment law for over thirty five years, at board level as HR Director, as both an in house advisor and an external consultant, and worked for employees and employers alike, advising clients on all aspects of employment law. She has represented employees and employers in employment tribunals and negotiated countless settlement deals on behalf of clients on both sides over the years.

About the author

Caroline Hitchen has spent over 35 years in the employment law field, advising clients at all levels, both in house and in a consultative capacity.

She began her career with an honours degree in Business Studies with Human Resources (then known as good old fashioned Personnel!), before working her way up through the ranks in a variety of HR roles, initially with Booker Group PLC, before joining Biffa Waste Services Ltd in 1990 where she was promoted in 1991 to a main board Directorship as Director of HR at the age of 28.

Having spent 10 years working in HR Caroline came to realise that the part of HR she enjoyed the most was the legal side, and so she decided to 'go it alone' and focus exclusively on advising clients on the law. She set up an employment law advisory business which she ran for 17 years, advising both corporate and private clients alike. She was often asked by new clients if she was a solicitor, and eventually decided to bite the bullet and become formally legally qualified. She underwent four years of legal studies whilst also running her consultancy business, and then spent two years with a well-respected firm of solicitors in High Wycombe, (who were generous and visionary enough to take on a mature trainee!), in order to complete her qualification as a solicitor.

Having achieved that goal she found the lure of her own consultancy too enticing, and went back into private business again as Caroline Neal Employment Law offering employment law advice to corporate clients whilst also offering an advisory service to private clients. She advises on all aspects of employment law, and has represented employees and employers alike in employment tribunals over the years and negotiated countless settlement deals on behalf of clients on both sides.

In addition to her employment law work, Caroline has also held the role of Company Secretary for the family business, Neal Training Limited, for over 20 years, and so is well placed to understand how small businesses work and what they need.

Having spent so many years advising clients on thorny employment law matters, she decided to put pen to paper in the form of this 'Conquering Employment Law' series of books, in the hope that she can shed some light on a difficult subject for the benefit of many more small businesses.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Discrimination – The Legal Background
  2. Prohibited Conduct
    1. Direct Discrimination
    2. Indirect Discrimination
    3. Harassment
    4. Victimisation
    5. Association and Perception
  3. Defences and Exceptions
    1. Defences
    2. Exceptions (as opposed to defences……)
  4. Types of Discrimination – What is Protected and How?
    1. Age Discrimination
    2. Gender Reassignment Discrimination
    3. Marriage and Civil Partnership Discrimination
    4. Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination
    5. Race Discrimination
    6. Religion or Belief Discrimination
    7. Sex Discrimination
    8. Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  5. Disability Discrimination
    1. Disability Discrimination
    2. Other Factors
    3. Discrimination arising from disability
    4. Duty to make reasonable adjustments
    5. Pre Employment Health Questions
  6. Equal Pay
  7. Dealing with Claims
  8. Conclusion - how to avoid discrimination and promote a harmonious workplace
A propos de l'auteur

Caroline Hitchen