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Competencies: Art, the Janitor and Your CEO

You must leverage competencies: yours and the business’

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Langue:  English
Veritable expert Steven J. Manning delves into the what, whys and hows of leveraging COMPETENCIES to achieve success. Not to be confused with self-confidence, ambition, intelligence or brain-power.
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What do your janitor and CEO have in common?A great deal! They have all manner of COMPLEMENTARY COMPETENCIES that you can and must leverage. Two thoughts as you listen to this talk. First, a casual observation made by Art, “my” janitor, contributed likely 100 million dollars to our gig over a couple years. Yes: you need to listen to my talk for more! Second, when corporate leaders confuse their competencies with self-confidence, ambition, intelligence, they can succumb to a Steve Manning admonition: do not go from ignorance to arrogance with nary a glance at intelligence. You got this.

Another educational and enjoyable talk! Not one to Miss!
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