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  1. Dealing With Difficult People Third, Fernando takes her to the Self-Evaluation Bench – Is what you have been doing working? Fernando: Gina, you sound like you have been doing several things, but I have a question.
  2. Ventas estratégicas Tw luchettiferarg Linkedin fernando Luchetti Web. Facebook: luchettifer VENTAS ESTRATÉGICAS 8 agradeCimientos AGRADECIMIENTOS Quiero expresar
  3. Frictions and institutions Alvarez, Fernando and M. Veracierto (2001), “Severance Payments in an Economy with Frictions”, Journal of Monetary Economics, 47, 477–498.
  4. Neuromarketing en la práctica hipermercados-mayoristas_0_rJwi6U8HM.html
  5. An introduction to polymer-matrix composites Harris B, Reiter H, Adam T, Dickson RF and Fernando G 1990, ‘Fatigue behaviour of carbon fibre reinforced plastics’, Composites, 21 (3), 232–242.
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