Expert Talk: Managing Talent, a Business Priority

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Talent Explained is a series of three interview conversations. We talk about talent as a corporate asset and share memorable real-world stories of people management.
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Margaret Mackay is a recognised expert in talent management and leadership development. She is an award-winning author of numerous articles in prestigious journals. A university business academic, Margaret is a highly experienced professional in human resources. She is passionate ab...


Bookboon Expert Talks are episodes of 15 to 60 minutes. Their content varies from interviews to discussions and monologues aimed at listeners who want to delve deeper into business trends. These Talks are more casual than Bookboon Micro Talks and are ideal to find inspiration for your day or on a commuting journey.

Talent Explained shares three interview conversations that bring to life the value of talent to organisations.
Episode 1. Managing Talent, a Business Priority explains the shortage of key talent in labour markets and the impact of good people management.
Episode 2. Who’s going to fly the plane, if the pilot has resigned? looks at critical staff in the airline industry and reveals the main reasons why people leave a job.
Episode 3. “Keep the best people in your team” discusses the secret to talent retention and gives practical examples of leading companies.