Expert Talk: Brand Development and Storytelling

por Biana Kovic
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The relevance, timeliness, and compelling narrative are part of brand development. According to Megha Hamal, PR & Branding expert, proactive storytelling increases the brand's visibility.
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The relevance, timeliness, niche, and compelling narrative are all part of the brand development. According to Megha Hamal, Founder and CEO at Megha Hamal PR and Branding, LLC knowing how to identify the right opportunity and do proactive storytelling can help increase your brand visibility. Additionally, keeping the brand’s core values as part of the message can help give a sense of direction and create a greater connection with the audience. 

Hear from Megha about:
  1. How to give your brand human personnel.
  2. How to utilize reinvention to transform your brand.
  3. What are the components of impactful storytelling
  4. How can one use influencer marketing to promote the brand.

About the author

Biana Kovic, MS, BA is the Executive Director, NY of the Artistic Dreams International Inc., the Executive Director of the National Association of Women Artists, NLP coach, and the producer/host of the Leadership with Biana Kovic Show.

Biana holds MS in Educational Psychology and Methodology from University at Albany, SUNY; BA in Music from the University of Musical Arts in Belgrade, Serbia; and a Master Certificate in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).