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How to Reduce Occupational Stress

A self-help guide and an approach to manage and reduce occupational stress of your business organization and improve the mental health of your people based on seven principles of ancient Greek wisdom.

Health insurance

In this eBook, equivalence premiums for health insurance contracts are obtained through multi-state modelling supported by a discussion of conventional health insurance products, stop loss insurance.

Mental Health

Julie Hogbin talks about Mental Health. The importance of realising what it is and how it affects individuals plus the reality of what we need to do to maintain it.

Personal Health, Wellbeing and Business Growth

Taking responsibility for our personal health and wellbeing is critical in business. We need to be in optimal health if we are to perform at optimal levels. We must not take our health for granted.

Women’s Health in the Workplace

In this Expert Talk Helen will talk about women’s health in the workplace.

Unconscious Bias: Women’s Health in the Workplace

The unconscious bias that women face in the workplace can be related to menopausal health issues. Helen Morris explores these challenges and how they can be addressed with mindfulness techniques

A Health & Well-being Strategy

The book shows how to make a business case for developing a health and wellbeing strategy, who to involve and ways to implement.

Let’s Talk About Your Mental Health

Challenges will always be part of the journey if you want to be successful. Jay discusses how important is caring for your mental health on your journey.

How Caring For Plants Can Boost Your Health

How and why houseplants can make your work environment a much better place to be, and how that can also improve your health in the process.

Statistics for Health Schools and Professionals

Statistics is a requirement in health training Schools and Colleges. Yet most students in such institutions have very limited interest in the subject.