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Sport Management

This book begins with an introduction to sport management, explaining the scope of sport management as well as the sport manager’s responsibilities.

Operations Management

Whether it is tangible or intangible production items the "Operations Management" book will guide you through concepts such as Supply Chain Management to LEAN, and much more.

Hotel Management

This book will introduce you to various aspects of hotel management, while providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to find a top position, developing your confidence and management skills.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is as an enterprise-wide, integrated (holistic) approach to corporate management.

Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management: A Millennial Insight addresses key issues in public sector management today with insight into relevant human resource management topics embracing this challenging study area.

Management Assessment

This eBook explains what you can expect if you attend a management assessment center.

Quality Management

Quality Management thinking has influenced a revolution in the way organizations are managed over the past few decades.

Management Briefs

This book is a collection of 500-word essays on a variety of management, leadership, and organizational topics.

Supply Chain Management

This book describes the fundamentals of supply chain management and is likely to be of great use to management personnel at various levels.

Channel Management

This book covers key channel management techniques, from deciding the mix and ensuring customer focus to monitoring performance on an ongoing basis.