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Artificial Intelligence

This short business book introduces Artificial Intelligence, its history, future, and applications.

Artificial Intelligence: Exercises I

This free “Artificial Intelligence: Exercises I” eBook will guide you through useful exercises related to the “Agent Behavior” text.

Artificial Intelligence: Exercises II

This Artificial Intelligence: Exercises II eBook will guide you through useful exercises related to the “Agent Behavior” text. Both the source text and this exercise eBook can be downloaded for free.

Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behaviour

This book is the second in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It adopts a behaviour-based approach to the design of agent-oriented systems.

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

This book is a concise introduction to key philosophical questions in artificial intelligence that have long been debated by many of the great minds in the field.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

This book details the 3 aspects in Artificial Intelligence that enhance your Digital Marketing efforts. It provides an edge and a way to level the playing field.

Artificial Intelligence – Agents and Environments

This book is the first in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It provides an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on the use of agent-oriented design.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

So there are many definitions, but the one I like the one I'm going to read now is, uh,artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that'sabout creating machines or software that can think

What is Emotional Intelligence?

This eBook helps you to understand the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership, a concept used routinely in most businesses and professional training programs.

How to Measure Emotional Intelligence

This eBook explains how you can measure emotional intelligence, helping you decide which aspects of it offers you the most opportunity for improvement.