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Lead Meetings Like a Superstar!

Your meeting! Your goals! Your outcomes! Prepare! Succeed!

35m 7s
Language:  English
This is for everybody, whether you are a BOSS or an associate or employee who is tasked to lead a successful meeting. Critically important to prepare and execute. From top expert, Steven J. Manning.
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If you listen to or read or watch just one expert on PREPARING TO LEAD A MEETING, this is the only must! Manning will show you that conducting and RUNNING YOUR meetings and EXECUTING therefrom to achieve YOUR GOALS and YOUR DESIRED OUTCOMES is supplying oxygen to your business. And to YOUR future. This audio is like Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 car compared to the 1,000 ordinary, sub-compact “talks” on the mechanics and logistics of preparing to lead a meeting you can find everywhere. You will listen to this more than once. You will take notes. YOU WILL BECOME A MORE POWERFUL LEADER.

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Steven J. Manning