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Keep Moving: Flexibility as We Return to Work

17m 6s
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This Expert Talk is about accepting the situation as true; accept there are new procedures, value becoming a survivor, ensure we think critically and that can give us cognitive flexibility.
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This Expert Talk approaches the current situation as true; discusses the advantages of acknowledgement of new procedures and systems rather than staying with rigid thinking, we review the value in becoming a survivor and a thriver by thinking flexibly (two concepts, two thoughts at once) as well as knowing your bias and value system.

All of that ensures you think critically, know your drivers and your emotions and therefore you will know flexible thinking is of worth not only in making successful decisions and being less stressed also in you being happy in almost any circumstances.

About the Author

Vickie Lea has the formal accreditation with over 2000 hours of face-to-face training in business and consultancy to achieve a Double Masters (Dean's List & AMBA accredited) and in commercial consultancies (1000+ hours) proven practice in the private sector. She is known as the Democrat, leading through establishing a collective sense direction to create a popular consensus.

About the Author

Vickie Lea Payne