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David Norman
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David is an executive leadership and talent development master coach, trainer, speaker and author. He has a solid track record of experience in advanced human capital development. This has included a background of executive, leadership and talent learning and development, business strategy consulting and corporate roles.

Coaching – Over the past twenty-five years, David has successfully coached one-on-one hundreds of individual Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, MDs, VPs, directors, senior managers, fast-track and high potential professionals in global blue chip and other firms. This work has involved successfully boosting strengths and replacing weaknesses across a broad range of cognitive and behavioural competencies. From resolving remedial problems and potential career derailers through fulfilling potential and values alignment directed at accelerated talent development, executive transformation and leadership transcendence.

David has also personally designed, presented and facilitated hundreds of bespoke and structured open and in-company learning and development workshops, programmes, seminars, executive briefings, group coaching events, masterclasses and skills-transfer intensives.

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