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How to unlock your leadership potential by taking your skills to a new level: Coaching, Communications, Influence, Gravitas, Values, Vision, People, Change and Goals.
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How to take your leadership skills to a new level in a world of ever faster change, complexity and uncertainty. Contents include: 1. Coaching - Core leadership skills, 2. Communications - Influence and persuasion, 3. Gravitas - Raising your profile, 4. Values - Your blueprint for results and success, 5. Vision - Creating a shared strategic vision, 6. People - Building powerful relationships, 7. Change - Leading change that sticks, 8. Goals – Setting and achieving, 9. Being (A Way of) - The hero’s journey. To follow book II - applications. 

“This book is part I of II”. 

About the author

David Norman. Coach. Trainer. Speaker. Author.
David has a solid track record of helping executives develop critical mental skills and abilities enabling them to accomplish extraordinary results. Executive 121 and group coaching intensives. Accelerating leadership, talent, executive and human capital development. Psychologist, engineer, economist, entrepreneur and MindSkills algorithm designer.
  1. About the author
  2. Introduction: The Journey to Mastery
  3. Coaching – Core Leadership Skills
    1. Smarter Thinking! Deeper Change! Faster Results!
    2. Total Self-Score Guidance
    3. Practical Demonstration
    4. Human Performance Technologies – are the Future
    5. Instant and lasting results
    6. Analysis of Structure
  4. Communications – Influence and persuasion
    1. Sensory Preference
    2. Sensory-Based Word Choices
    3. Communicating on multiple levels is the norm
  5. Successful Goal Achievement (WIN/WIN Goals)
    1. WIN Goal
    2. Some goal-setting considerations
    3. Chunking – Induction (detail), deduction (big picture) and abduction (lateral thinking)
  6. Appendix 1. Instructions for Following Exercises
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography
About the Author

David Norman